**close thread**


ITEMS NO LONGER FOR SALE!!! Issue resolved, so I get to keep my stuff! :tup: :sweat:


Dan no more shipping to my place. i really wanted to buy ur TE stick:crybaby:


I doubt the stick and game will still be available Tuesday afternoon, but if it is I will send payment your way.


I’m sorry to see you have to drop it so soon after receiving it. Good luck man, I’m sure it’ll move quick. :tup:


PM’ing now.

You never know!

:shake: :shake: :shake: Trust me, I’m sorry too. :crybaby: But, as much as I love SF, out of the other things I could possible sell to raise money (Ukulele, computer, gaming systems) this is actually the only thing I could survive without right now, heh.


Post updated!