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Up for sale is Jasper Xbox 360. I bought this about 2 months ago. It works great. Here is what you get:

  • Jasper 256mb (Onboard memory) Xbox 360 Console - Warranty Seal Intact - MFR DATE:06 - 17 - 2009

  • Microsoft 120GB HDD!!

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

  • VGA Cable

  • AV Cable (Rubber grip is removen so you use an HDMI Cable at the same time)

  • Microsoft 150W Power Brick/Cord (Jasper Power!)

  • Original Box and Manuals

  • Nyko Charging Double Battery Pack Dock w/ 2 RECHARGABLE BATTERY PACKS!

  • Gears of War (Platinum Hits) w/ Case and Manual (2disc)

  • Ninja Gaiden II w/ Case, No manual

$200 Shipped!!. Offers are welcome too!

PayPal Only! Thank You!!


Oh my what a tempting deal


Couple of questions for u: so this is an arcade system u bought originally and u added a 120GB HD and a VGA cable? Does the console have an hdmi port? And how do u know it’s a Jasper if u didn’t open it up? Is there a certain way to tell? PM sent as well.


Tempting :<


This is too good of a deal to pass up, I’ll take it.


The arcade question is obvious since there’s no 120gb arcade bundle. :sweat: It should have an hdmi port as well since it’s the newest model and they started putting them in regular ones a while back. You can tell it’s a Jasper from the serial info on the back. It’ll say a certain amount of amps and you’re guaranteed a jasper. I think it’s 12.1 but I’m too lazy to double check. Also, it’ll say that stuff on the power brick as well.


Wouldn’t trust the amps on the case. I bought an XBOX360 off of Craig’s list expecting to get that RE edition one that was supposed to be a Jasper. Turns out, I didn’t do my homework enough on the difference between the models, and the guy switched the plastic shells off his old Zephyr model with the red Jasper shell. It wasn’t until later that I did my homework and found out that what you really want to look at are the prongs the 360 where the power plugs in. The Jasper looks noticeably different compared to the other models. Or at the very least, make sure you pop the front off panel off the 360 and make sure that the warranty sticker is intact.


Wow he switched the cases? That’s pretty low man.


that is pretty damn shady. i have both versions of the elite, the original black and the re. i forgot which system but i can use one of the power supplies for both and the other only works on the system it belongs to.


that’s exactly what i did when i bought one off craigslist a while ago. i looked at the manufac. date then i popped off the front to see if the label was still there. takes 2 seconds and it’s a sure way to see if it’s been messed with.


I remember reading that somewhere too. I think you can use the old power brick on both systems since it gives off more power and the jasper would only use what it needs but you can’t use the jasper power brick on an old system because it doesn’t put out enough power.

Also, this ain’t no craigslist and I’m 100% collaaapoppin91 wouldn’t do some shady stuff like switching out shells. :rofl:


Thanks mcginnis lol haha. Yeah, This warranty seal is intact.
I just need to pay off this guy who I bought a ps3 BC 20gb from. I was going to get the slim, but I figured, Lemme play my ps2 games too for $70 less =)

BurnerAzR: PM’d!


yes that is exactly correct with the PSU. the older ones can go turn on jaspers but the jasper PSU wont turn on older ones.

sorry for all this convo collaaa but hey free bumps right? lol :slight_smile:


Haha, nah its all good. Right now, BurnerAzR is really close to buying it.

But yeah, nothing wrong with bumps, it shows people are interested in my sales! lol!


Xbox 360 Sold to BurnerAzR!


damn…was too late :(…

enjoyh burnerAzr!!!

well…back to lurking :stuck_out_tongue: