Close. you disappoint me srk


Close. TO has hit an all time low. Unless its free or under 1 dollar. Nobody is interested. SMH. RIP Trading outlet.


Does the pad have QDs on them already?


I assume with 110s?


Are the buttons snap-ins? And how much use on them?


PM me your paypal. I’ll take the SF pad with the 187s.



15th anniversary pad hack sold.


Round 1 ZD rematch boards back up!

Price drop on Semitsu buttons


Do the Zd rematch boards come with all the wires and harness?


final price drop.
added Sanwa Spider whatever thingy to the list.


Im in for the Seimitsu’s. PM me a paypal pls.




Semitsu buttons sold.
Zd rematch PCB pending for Slaycruz.
Final price drop on Sanwa TP-MA pcb


Pmt sent for zd rematch pcb…sorry for the wait…just got home


is that sanwa tp ma pcb used?


yeah but not by much. I don’t like Sanwa Joysticks. Figured it’d go to better use for somebody else.


ZD rematch PCB sold.
last item Sanwa TP-MA pending.


All sold for now.
will put up more parts for sale tomorrow. So mods do not close please.


All items sold previous have been shipped since Yesterday.
Added Miscellaneous Arcade Parts lot


Happ / IL parts lot pending.
added RJ-45 Ps2 cable to the list.


new items added.