This is a brand new 360 TE that was gifted to me for which I have no use (already own one). $110 Shipped to US 48 with tracking and insurance included. Paypal only, please.

Besides Espgaluda 2, what else, if anything, are you considering for possible trades?

Deathsmiles, MushiFutari, Xbox 360 games are always a possibility

Is that the first TE or the Round 2 ones?

Looks like a round one from the box. Oh, and Hanyuu rules:rock:

Round 1, but I also have a round 2 artwork on-hand

price drop on TE


Ship to Ottawa Canada? If so, how much and it’s sold :wink:

give me your postal code and I can check. Might be cheaper with USPS than with Fedex



-> k2e 7y9

no longer for sale