Selling a few codes for the 360 version of Arkham City. Paypal payments only.
Robin DLC - $6.25
Iceberg Lounge DLC - $6.25

Dark Knight Returns skin - $1 Paypal gift

I know we’re not supposed to ask for gift payments, but the skin is just a buck, and fees will be 33 cents on it, not really worth the bother otherwise. Not expecting gift payment for the DLC levels though.

So why don’t you post $1.33 without been a gift and $1.00 as a gift. It’s better to give people that option.

Then it’s asking people to pay paypal fees. I figure I’ve done enough business around here and been on the forums long enough that people won’t be concerned about me ripping them off for a buck. I may just not sell them if it’s any kind of issue.

I’ll take the batman beyond whats your paypal?

You aren’t asking then to pay the Pay Pal fees you’re giving then a option to choose what’s better for then. I would be more safer paying a little be more regardless if the person it’s new or old in here. That was this time that I was willing to pay the fees just to be safer and the Seller in here insist it to be as a gift even tho I would pay the fees for it. So I decide not to deal with him. If the amount it’s low I wouldn’t mind tho.

I know, not paying by gift gives the buyer protection through Paypal. It’s always safest to send a payment for goods or services just to be safe. And just to be clear, the Iceberg Lounge and Robin dlc should be paid via goods on paypal. I’m not expecting gift payment for those. But a $1 skin, as much buying and selling as I’ve done here, I think most people here know me well enough to chance it.
Anyway, Batman Beyond code sent, still have The Dark Knight code and the two DLC packs here.