Everything Sold for now.<br>


these are pretty unique, i like the style. can’t afford it right now but maybe in a few weeks. good luck.


what does the dark souls one look like?


skyrim pic please?


This is what the other two designs will look like


These are pretty cool, keep at it.


Thank you both! I hope to make more! :slight_smile:


Make an Okami and Megaman one and you got yourself a deal! haha

Like these designs I’ll pick one up when I get money :smiley:


Whoa, these are badass! Holding for my paycheck, though.


man these look great, get paid tomorrow may just put in an order or 2 ;D


I plan on making a Mega Man one as well. :smiley:


updated pics of designs


Order have been shipped. Hope you like the shirts :smiley:




Orders shipped. Thanks again and hope you guys like them!




Awwww man now I gotta make another order for the mega man shirt


you gotta do one of guybrush threepwood and lechuck (MI2 versions) facing off against each other lol. i would defo go for one of those as long as it wasnt on a black or white shirt.


Haha glad you like design! I hope to get it finished up soon! :slight_smile:


The Solaire shirt is solid frackin’ gold…

…if only I could be so grossly incandescent