I’m looking to see if there are anymore Led Panels for the Mad Catz TE2 fightstick. I used to have one but went with another stick that was sold awhile ago. I know I’ve seen a few around for sale but I always happen to be to slow to catch the sale. Anyway if anyone has one or can lead me in a better direction to get a hold of one, that would be appreciated! B)


Paradise Arcade Shop offers aftermarket drop-ins with more color/programming options.




Yea I have definitely looked at these in the past and actually checked one out at the shop before CEO, but reallllly don’t wanna spend $125 on it. Hahhah well maybe…


Thanks for all the help and PMs guys. I was able to find one thanks to W00P MstR FresH! If mods see this, this is now able to be closed.


Package arrived safe.