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Isn’t This Game a Platinum Hits Title Now ?


ill trade my $15 copy of the Oblivion that i got at GS for it… >_>



This isnt just the normal game. It the collectors edition. Its for collectors, it comes with a field guide, a map, a collector’s coin, and the package and discs are in immaculate shape (which means there as good as I just opened the package for the first time good).

Because of the condition and the availablitity of the item, its worth more.

Any more questions?


Added new items.


O0o0h you got the T version of Oblivion as well. thats kinda rare, seeing as the game has a M rating. They made a boo boo on the first print runs. Good stuff. :3


If Battle Fantasia falls through I will happily take it.


BF and Afro sold, sealed PS3 Fallout 3 added.


Price drop on Oblivion CE and added PS3 Fallout 3 CE (w/ pics)