SOLD to lethal.


Hey, I’m not here to trade, but I faced your 'Gief in SFIV, my gamertag is Battousai70… you shitted all over me, and I don’t even consider myself a Ken scrub, but you sure made me look like one, haha. Good shit.

Good luck with the trade!


word? I usually don’t keep track of who I play and whatnot.
we should play more often man.


If you dont end up finding someone who wants to trade, I would be willing to purchase your jlf off of you. What other color balltops do you have, by the way?


I don’t know if you checked already or don’t want to pay extra cost, but have them last time I checked.


um. no. i’m looking for screw ins. already checked it.


Screw it. It’s up for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll buy it.


you want to make out, networkingyuppy?


if cue doesen’t get it ill take it


i believe i said i was interested in buying it first lol, post #4


PM sent, Hope it’s still available.


I’ll add you in a bit, networkingyuppy. See ya on Live. :smiley:


if lethalmonk6 doesn’t want it, cue6 is next.


DUM DUM DUM. Closed.