Close it.
I’ve decided to stay with it.

Can you tell me how pounds the stick weights?

About 10 pounds. It’s a really heavy stick!

Good luck! Thats such an awesome stick!

Super nice.

Wow… I thought it would be light. Now I’m really tempted.

i thought the same think thats a sexy ass stick

This exclusive stick was carved out from the horns of 100 unicorns. It’s so fucking balling.

Very suprised you aint keeping this bad boy

I wish I can, but my stomach is growling at me. :frowning:

ha i felt the same way when i got my hss-0130 2 weeks ago :slight_smile: now imma build a veiwlex cab after seeing all the detailed info :slight_smile:

Do you still have a HSS 0130 at the moment?

yes i do but im keeping it atm cost a pretty penny:( might change my mind after i make my cabinet lol but i cant trade yet any way

you want to trade for a couple copies of animal crossing? (please see my thread in about 15 min) lol.

bit overpriced imo, + the wiring job could be better.

why are you selling this bad boy :frowning:

PS. Digi, it’s worth more than $400 lol

good decision :slight_smile: