It’s time to SLASH those prices!!! Get em while its hot, 1 day only.

How much for shipping VF4 to 62946?

You’d be looking at 5 total first class or 7 total with priority. Everyone will have to wait until the beginning of next week for packages to ship though (In the process of moving into an apartment)

Ok, sending money for VF4 at standard first class. Can’t pass up that price.

I’ll take the following.

-Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA)
-Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival (GBA)
-Brave Fencer Musashi Strategy Guide
-Call Of Duty: World At War
-Shining Force (GEN)

2 Questions, though. 1.) You said WaW is registered once, right? I can still play online with it on my Laptop though, right? 2.) Any way getting any “package deal” prices? :rofl: Picking a couple of these up as gifts.

Sending a PM, as well. :tup:

Just got everything out today guys.

Added new stuff, changed everything around.

If that xbox hard drive is still available come the 31st I’ll be happy to take it.

Sounds good, I’ve already gotten 3-4 pm’s about that hdd, but no grabbers yet.

dropped a bunch of prices, I need cash reallllly bad.

These will only last today. If I dont have money for tommorrow, I’m sunk :frowning:

Free bump. Someone buy that Devil Summoner 2, it’s priced very fair. :slight_smile:

would u be interested in resident evil 5 or blazblue LE (dvd still wrapped) both for 360?

I would, though what are you interested in :smiley: ?

Many prices have been substantially dropped. Buy something people !

I want the Faceplate PM sent !

Excellent seller.

Would buy the Yu Yu Hakusho full series if I had the cash to spend man.

Is ruroni kenshin eng dub or sub? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the media blasters original release

I have no clue what that means. ._.