I just bought this, but I can’t for the life of me get used to the Hori button layout after playing for so long on other sticks. It’s a beautiful stick and I think it’s even sold out everywhere now. This version of the HRAP actually comes with an LS-32. It’s in mint condition with very little use at all. Comes with retail package.

$110 + Shipping

Ships to 48 US states via FedEx Ground with tracking and insurance. Paypal only, please.


all u have to do is open it and switch the qd’s around :slight_smile:

gl on ur sale what color is the base green?


if you’re just selling one off goods, you can’t ask for offers, you need to put a price. I think the ‘interest checks’ are only allowed for things like services or mass sales (like making/selling t-shirts, fabricated sticks etc) so the person can gauge interest before deciding to invest in the production of those things.

WTT: street fighter 15th anniversary arcade stick, AIAB stick

I can’t get used to the Hori button curve. The base is green

Thanks for the heads-up.


Changed to sale. All offers welcome.


yea i hate hrap 8 button layout 6 all the way


Man, and you just got it too.
Few days ago you asked question about it to buy.

I know you bought HRAP before.
Did you sell them all or something?

I want this HRAP too, and the game.
But not for now. :sad:


I usually only maintain 1 stick. I never have more than 2. To me, its a waste. I have owned a HRAP EX-SE before, but I only modded it and resold it. And the game rocks!


Big price drop


Actually, I don’t mind the 8-button layout, but I tend to miss HK when playing SF on HRAPs because it sits a bit lower than on viewlix layouts.


Price drop!


Changed sale terms