Closed (Different solution found) - WTB Stick case (Shipping to Norway)


I recently ordered the Hayabusa stick and some Sanwa buttons, that I was planning to put into my current (crappy and cheap) stick. But I changed my mind and found out I want to have two stick around the house since more of my friends have gotten interested in fighting games. I looked around on the web and I didn’t really find anything that would cost me a lot more than necessary. So I’m turning to SRK in hopes to find someone who is willing to sell a arcade stick case for a decent price.

I’m looking for a case with a 8 button layout, I don’t really mind what kind of layout it is. This is kind of a question/evaluation to see how realistic and viable it is to buy a case instead of making a custom one or buying an entirely new stick. As the title says, I’m located in Norway, which is the reason that I’m having difficulties getting my hands on a decent stick that’s not overpriced.

Update: Just got word from a friend earlier that he has a stick that I can grab off of him. Case closed!