Closed everything sold


Bump…would prefer a 360 stick but would consider a dual modded stick as well if the price isn’t too high


Pm’d back

Bump…updated with wtt/ partial trade

Bump…will also be offering a sfxt red stick for 360 with 2 hours use in the wtt



willing to sell? or only interested in trades?

Sell what item? And how much? Pm me plzzz

Bump items added

Bump just selling Saturn pad now

Bump lots of stuff added

Interested in the bag and buttons

They are on hold til wedn ill let you know if the buyer backs out

Interested in the PS 2 converter,how much?


Injustice sold

Its Wednesday the buttons and bag off hold yet?

Sorry just got around to updating this bag n buttons sold and I decided to Hold onto the etokki