CLOSED PLEASE DELETE - ON EBAY - Signed custom Evo 2011 fight stick for sale

This is a custom fight stick from EVO 2011 . It was originally a marvel vs capcom 3 fight stick “version 2” it was actually modded by madcatz at EVO . It’s also signed by mago ,diago,poongko,tokido, Ricky Ortiz ,gamer bee , juice box ,Alex V and the maker of street fighter yoshinori . This arcade stick is in perfect shape but just dont have a use for it anymore . Pay pal only thanks friends

When you say modded, what was done to it? Just buttons/art or is it a dual mod?

Let me clarify friend - modded meaning just different color buttons an balltop all sanwa parts . This stick is for xbox 360 no duel mod

I have reliated this fight stick on Ebay . Happy bidding !