Closed, Thank you too all whom I spoke with! I might put it back up, If i need it

Hello, Im new to using sticks, but im ready to move onto them, im looking For A Custom Arcade Stick, Hori preferably, what im wanting custom is the face plate, so its not blank. i would prefer something Street Fighter, since thats what ill be using it for, Third Strike To be Exact. Or A Faceplate With An Anime Girl. I would like the Ball Top For A Stick. And Either 6 or 8 button layouts is fine with me. Would be HIGHLY appreciated if it were to have a custom outlay as well, preferably a nice finished Wood one.
I would like all japanese parts, no american (as in for buttons and Stick), And useable for Playstation 2, or playstation 1, Preferably playstation 2.

I Am willing to trade these things for a custom stick, it all depends on the stick, and what you would like, i will list what im willing to trade, then you tell me what you like, ill look at your stick, and well go from there

We will start with my Anime first, Single Volumes:
Lady Death - Movie
Tenchi Muyo GXP Volume 1-5
Dears Volume 1-2
Trinity Blood Volume 1-2
Mouse Volume 1-2
Sonic Pure Chaos Volume 1
Divergence Eve Volume 2
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume1-13 Including Movie Conqueror Of Shamballa (Missing Volume 2 And 5 :[ )
Negima! Volume 1-4
Lost Universe Volume 1
Blue Submarine Number 6 Volume-1 Blues
Legend Of Lemnear - Movie
Burn Up Scramble Volume 1-2
Valkyrie Volume1
Ninja Scroll 10th Anniversary Special Edition - Movie
Sakura Diaries Volume 1
Grenadier Volume 1-2
Tokyo Underground Volume 1
Lain Volume 1

Ok Now On to Complete Sets:
Girls Bravo
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Ikki Tousen

Now Anime Boxsets:
Tenjo Tenge
Gantz Season 1 and 2
Yu-Yu Hakusho Season Volume 1
Burst Angel
S-Cry-Ed (Damaged outer Sleeve, Consult if you want a picture)

Ok Now onto X-box 360 Games Up For Trades:
Halo 3 Limited Edition
Tenchu Z
Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2
Mass Effect (Not Original Case)
Perfect Dark Zero Metal Tin Collectors Edition
Rainbow Six Vegas 2

And Lastly Official Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Chun-Li Controller - With comic

Here Are The Pictures

Pm Me with trades


Sorry I traded the SF chun li controller…and a couple of the 360 games if anyone is still interested in some 360 games I’ll let you know what i still have/have now

holy hell some nice trading going on here


has the chun-li controller been used?

Why are some of the anime dvd’s marked out?

porn is has to be porn

lol yeah porn

No the chun li controller was opend…but wasnt used…i didnt like the connected d-pad it has

and yes i had some hentai in there tha i didnt know i couldnt have till just last night, so i guess i cant put that up in there

oh snap i’m refurbishing a stick, y’all got any tentacle rape hentai to trade? :wink:

Sup man? hey how much for Tenjo Tenge Anime Boxsets?, and how many episodes they have?, 26?? anyways let me know ok.


>:D Muhahah


:[ :[



wow…no one wants to do any dealing…

I would, but I have a Happ stick.