Closed thread is scrubby (locked)



You guys are pathetic and scrubby…backdashing like a bitch is not controlling space or “zoning” is just being an annoying bitch. I hate Rose mirrors cause of that…come at me bro.

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Scrubquotes is back!

There troll.


Good luck at ever being good at this game with that mentality.


To the Juri player I saw you hosting on ranked…how about you say im a troll because of me expressing my opinions
and to DanDan…I got my wins by you know…MOVING FORWARD with Rose…lol not backdashing x 100000 lol


I agree. Everyone knows they are supposed to throw pointblank soul sparks.


Yeah but you can control space without running away like a scrub…Rose has a fucking cr. fierce and a good cr. strong…good legit zoning tools…Sako didnt run like a bitch…he played proper footsies with Rose.


Invincible backdash is pretty powerful in this game unless you know some OS yadda yadda thing to counter it.
Go play Garou. You’ll appreciate invincible backdashes a bit more.
Play KOF since you like moving forward so much.


I clearly have a different vision on how to play Rose…that’s why I usually get hated, flamed and called a troll, when I put a lot of the “defensive ones” on blast. Then that idiot has the nerve to taunt me and call me a fraud.


I dont play streetfighter. But I see your point EMR. If I were to play, I should clearly run forward and throw soul sparks in their face instead of making distance to keep it safe. Sounds pretty correct.


Rushdown Rose, use your non-existant overhead/low attack/throw mixup, that’s technically a 50/50!


Better yet don’t throw Soul sparks at all…Rose’s fireball was never meant to be a zoning tool…she has terrible recovery and terrible speed overall…Her Fireball is not even a true blockstring special. Its only used to counter other fireballs and for baits. and fyi you can zone without running away. This is why I say this.


stfu scrub.

use zangief if you like moving forward.


I never said rushdown…or do people seriously believe “zoning” consists of back dash soul spark and repeat…how about great frame traps and that throw game…or using all of SS’s mixups effectively…I do agree that Rose needs an overhead…she needed to be made slightly more offensive on design probably will stop all the backdashing mashing :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have gotten my W’s playing this way against good players…I really hate the matchups where I have to lame it out, hence why I prefer to counterpick lol…Good luck trying to backdash against Cammy and Rufus :wink: :smiley:


I see that someone got butt hurt by Rose’s balls


You teach me a lot master EMR. When people reposition themselves to the back of the screen to gain a strategic advantage, they are not really repositioning themselves to the back of the screen to gain a strategic advantage, they are running. I shall not run and confront my disadvantages. I also learned to run in and bait shit with soul sparks. DanDan and Ouroborus can learn from you.


as a fellow rose player i facepalm at ppl supporting that…


Lol u saw me hosting on ranked? Haven’t played ranked in 8months son. And you can start a thread here, just not to express opinions. This isn’t a blog retard. So ima report for trolling and unwatch this thread which has no purpose.


lol people just get mad I called it like it is… RUNNING. Hey whatever works for you to get that win…but trust me…you don’t need to do that to win. If you have to resort to “repositioning to the back of the screen” to gain an “advantage”. Then you probably have a weak offensive game…why do you think Arturo fucking drops links like crazy and has shitty execution? Playing LAME does that to you. :slight_smile:


Sorry I mistook you for someone else…another Juri player had a bunch of X’s and a similar GT on his GamerTag…no biggie for that I apologize. But not for my thoughts. :slight_smile: