First off, I’m fairly new to this so bear with me,

I’ve been trying to pick up a fightstick for playing street fighter on my PS3 and because they are in short supply they go for ludicrous prices over here, when you can actually get them…

Most sites that sell these sticks for the 99$ mark never ship to Ireland or charge a crazy amount to do so. I found a TE in Ireland but it came to over 160 euro (over 200 dollars) which wasn’t really worth it for me (and I’d have to take off work to get it)

If someone in the UK or Ireland can get one of these to me cheap enough, that’d be fantastic, I’m also open to suggestions about how I can better get my hands on a decent stick.

I can pick up a “Brawlpad” for 30 quid or so on amazon and mod it with sanwa parts myself but I’m not sure if I should go that route. It’s more effort for me and I find the artwork to be atrocious.

Edit: Decided to go with the brawlpad option, found some sanwa kit going cheap.