<b>Bay Area Fight Night events lineup<br>
<b>$1 Chill Fight Night 8/9<br>
<b>$1 Chill Fight Night 8/16<br>
<b>$1 Chill Fight Night 8/23<br>
<b>Fight Night Returns 8/30 ($5 venue $5 pot)<br>
<b>( <i>Bay Area Fight Night</i> ) ~ </b><b>Bi-Weekly tournaments Starting August 30th</b><br>
<b>Games:</b> SSFIV:AE 2012, UMVC3 & Smash<br>
<b>Date: </b>Friday<br>
<b>Time: </b>4pm-10:30pm (Non tournament days)<br>
6pm-11:30pm(Tournament days)<br>
<b>Address: </b><u>The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment</u> 610 16th St. Suite 230 Oakland, CA 94612 (Alameda County )<br>
<b>Price: </b>Venue fee $1 (Non-tournament days)<br>
Venue fee $5 + $5 pre game’s pot(tournament days)<br>
<b>Facebook: </b><a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a><br>
<b>Stream Channel: </b><a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a><br>
<b>Twitter: </b><a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a><br>

if you haven’t heard of this place before you should check it out. its super dope and the owner is nice

Would people want to do a UMvC3 tournament?

I would

Hey guys if you check out this thread and live in the Oakland area and are free on Tuesday come check us out at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment for Tuesday Fight Nights. We are needing different games! We play a lot of UMvC3 and SF:AE but I would love to see some KoF13 and other Fighting games.

Fight Night is every Tuesday starting at 4pm-10:30pm and it’s only $2. We are at 610 16th St. Suite 230 Oakland, CA 94612 only three blocks away from both 19th and 12th Bart stations. If you have any questions feel free to write back or PM me.

^ also pokemon. Kappa

We should we would just need more people to play pokemon here. I would be down with that.

so yeah I just started working out in Oakland and I’m interested in checking this out…so what games do you play and on what system and do we need to bring or own sticks? I’m not really that great over a player but sounds fun.

We been playing UMvC3 and SF:AE but we have a few amount of people playing KOF and Smash. It would best to come out next week because a lot of my normal guys are going to be out in San Leandro for a tournament. If you do come by it’s bring your own stick or pad.

Forsure I’ll come by next week then…guess its time for me to learn ae n marvel 3 haven’t played those games since they came out haha.

Cool man and if you want join the facebook it helps me keep track of when I should do events.

Fasho ill check it out.

I want to do a tournament in January. What do you guys want to do? I want to do up to 3 games. Let me know as always people’s choice. so I can keep track of things much easier.

Hello Oakland,

Please fill out your weekly,bi-weekly or monthly events/sessions info using the template provided in the “Pac. North events/session list thread” and PM me to have it added to the list.

Thanks in advance.

Doing it right now.

we are going to be doing a SF:AE and CvS2 for main tournament games and UMvC3 as $2 Side Tournament. The venue fee will be $5 for players and free for people watching. Main Tournament games will be $5. It will be on Friday, January 11, 2013 all details will be posted on the facebook event page.

Starting on January Fight Night will be on Fridays! Same $2 fees and Bi-weekly tournaments. More info posted on as it comes out.

We are going to have some 3RD STRIKE and KOF13 happening at Fight Night on Tuesday most likely one station of each. If you want to learn a New game stop on by if not we will have our normal UMvC3 and SF:AE going on too. $2 fee Tuesaday 4:00-10:30pm

This is how you say that game:


Don’t hide it in smaller than normal font!

Sorry lol didn’t noticed

Also every week will have a open 3rd Strike [SIZE=4]station at the Museum every Tuesday. I am working right now into getting more stations with having different kinds of XBLA and PSN Fighters. [/SIZE]

Let me know what you guys would want to see. Also remember we have a tournament in January. It’s going to be SF:AE and CvS2. This will be the start of Bi-weekly tournaments. I’m not planning on having a season until After NCR marked “The road to EVO” and that will be UMvC3 and SF:AE (not sure about any other games right now have to wait a few months to see the game line up for next year’s EVO.