<img class=“decoded” alt=“” src=“”><br><br>I am looking for a stick like this, I don’t need the box or any of that stuff <br>

Bump <br>

Update: Also if you have a modded one I would be fine with that too, even if the original artwork is changes and everything. if you add happ buttons and a happ stick or IL that would still be sweet and I am willing to pay more for a stick like this. the only thing I personally request is that the stick is not all beat up, for example no deep scratches in the vinyl or chunks of the side missing.  if you have one that does function well Im fine with that one too because I plan to mod a stick like this to work for the Xbox 360. if you have a stick like this please PM me<br>

i have one that id like to get rid of, but im not shipping it. u happen to be in brooklyn?<br>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/17018/Don%20illMatiX">Don illMatiX</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>i have one that id like to get rid of, but im not shipping it. u happen to be in brooklyn?<br><br>nah bro I live in Minneapolis. why can’t you ship it? I can pay for shipping. just let me know the price and if you can link some pics of it I am very interested <br></div></blockquote>


I have one, very nice condition and upgraded with Happ buttons and stick. Send me a PM if you are still looking for one. I am located in CA but can ship anywhere in USA.<br>

PM sent!!! <br>



i have one i’d be willing to part with, how much you offering?

If possible could a Mod close this topic I just finalized the deal with a SRK member.<br>