topic. please help me. i starting to go down hill again. with no knowledge in game and do not know what to do. even 400pp players can own me by spamming srk.


i review my own replay and its disgusting to even watch how ppl keep doing cross up and i can only defend defend and defend. no offensive chance.


Dude really, your gonna start spamming topics about things that where already discussed.

In your first topic people helped you understand what you need to do to improve. You clearly are not listening, because you are asking for a specific button for an automatic win. You blame everyone else except yourself. Wake up, you can’t become a good player in 2 weeks. It takes time to understand fundamentals, footsies etc.

Stop making pointless threads/topics, get off your ass and start learning the game. Find people that are better than you and ask them for endless lobby matches. Ask them politely if they now how they can improve your game.

Everything you need is already in a doc. file made by mapleleafs791. Read it and adjust your playstyle!

Lastly, stop wining and making pointless threads. Listen to what people are saying to you, instead of ignoring them.


alot of thing are not for beginners, players who just started this game will have problem.
all those posted are kinda advance…we don’t even have the basic. BnB, AA and footsies etc are all taught in guide but some really basic stuff like offensive option can’t be found.

Theres no way i can win just waiting for AA and doing footsies when i dont even know what i gotta do.

everytime ppl told me is to but opponent are not dumb as they know who they are going against…beginners have limited options.



Even reading a guide makes no difference if you don’t take that knowledge to a fight and apply it. “There’s no shortcut to perfection” as Dudley says :3 so you will have to duke it out and find what works and what doesn’t.

Try reading this - five simple tips to get you started. Cheers.


When you see your opening, take it. Besides the footsie stuff, a lot of the game is won or lost by how well you read your opponent’s moves. More than likely, your opponent won’t change his pattern (unless he’s more experienced). So try to get the hang of what he’s gonna do and capitalize on it. Beginners don’t have limited options, they just don’t know what to look for. Guides are made to do exactly that: guide you in the right direction. Use guides to help your own personal training and you’ll become a better player after a while.


thanks for the feedback.:slight_smile:


sorry but thats no chance to react because all i can do is defend…you spot the problem…even i can read my opponent move i dunno what i can do.and i need someone to tell me what can evil ryu do… throw me guide cant help me much.


Now you are doing it again, drwill439 gives you some advice and you immediately discredit it. Here is a crazy thought try training mode. Watch replay’s online of pro matches, see how they move, how they create there openings. E.Ryu has a very long poke, Sooner or later they are going to jump, thats when you Anti-air. If people are in your face, back up and play the footsie game. Find your opening.

You say the guide won’t help you and all you can do is defend. Go for a grab in there pressure and start the mixup (its in the guide). You can’t expect everyone to tell you what you need to do because everybody play’s different. So one thing will work on opponent a but not opponent b. If you don’t now what to do against a char go in training mode and see what you can punish.

Ask people on other forums for matches so you can get experience against the chars that you have difficulty with.


i have listen to all advise here and i practice AA, footsies, BnB, example if i met ibuki player footsies dont help as they can slide towards me? all i can do be move to corner and lose the game. is so slow that is wont do anything… players are doing crossup and spamming lp/lk…no way my cr mk can do anything.

ppl close in i back out and in the end im still defending and end up in corner. i can delay game but once i go offense i end up doing no dmg to opponent and just got counter. ppl ask me to learn ryu and i did. i can win easily with ryu but with evil ryu everything seems really slow and easily KO. i can say my AA,defend and footsies is alrdy above average…is the offensive part.sometimes my jump is safe but my mk/hk wont hit my opponent and i get throw etc.My problem is really going offensive and i need help on that. i dont want my whole game to wait for AA.


There is no magic bullet, there is no easy button, and there is no one universal iWin strategy and tactics. You currently have a losers mentality and until you correct your thinking you will just create posts ad nauseam, “practice” your combos, footsies, and Anti Airs all day long and when you get in a match you will still get bodied.

The good news for you is it is easier to correct your own mindset than it is to develop even mediocre execution and play…so good luck with that and once you do I am sure you game will improve along with it.


If you’re on PSN add me. I play a pretty diverse cast of characters and I can most likely help you out with the problem you’re currently having.



. im not looking for iwin stuff. i want the know what/how…even with gd excecution but cant land on is useless.without knowing what to do is like playing a punching bag and feeding others.

if u got ssf4ae pc ,i hope u can play with me.


hey thanks for the offer but im currently still on ssf4ae pc version.


here’s what i think where this is going. so basically you just want fellow e.ryu players to spoon-feed you on every match that you will encounter? just go to the matchup thread so that it can help you on characters that you are having problems with. you can’t expect that someone will coach you every time you face an opponent online or offline. do some research or watch some matchup vids of pro players on how they handle their matchups. anyways just my two cents


already watch video. and watching pro play is meaningless cause they are pro and im new. And no i dont want any spoon feed here. read my post again