So many good games!!! Bump


Thanks! Yeah, I wish I had the time to play them properly, but I know it’s just not realistic for me any longer. I’ll fix the picture of the chipped corner once I get home from work.


Updated with pic of chipped corner.


nice :smiley:


If you don’t like my price, make me an offer. I’m sure we can reach an agreement.


For those not familiar with the PS2 scene, that chip he has in there is pretty much the best you can do. Especially nowadays where good PS2 mods are hard to come by. Not to mention that fat PS2s have a lot higher quality DVD drive vs the Slim models and you have a HDD bay (which is integral if you want to play off a HDD vs using USB 1 ports). Good luck with the sale man, I’d grab this if I had the dough…


Thanks for the good words :slight_smile:


Now splitting the bundle up - tell me what you’re interested in and let’s make a deal!


PM sent.




Removed a bunch of sold items.


modded console isnt allowed nigga

where are the mods and why are they not doing their jobs? was so quick taking down my thread when I had one for xboxes…


Oh yeah? I had no idea honestly. Not like anyone is interested in it regardless it seems. Anyway, lowered price on remainder (will listen to offers on individual items or bundles still) and removed additional sold items.


Ok ladies and gents, gonna start throwing the remainder on ebay over the next few days. I’ll keep an eye on the forums so if anyone decides they’re interested in something, let me know and I’ll pull the item(s) if there hasn’t been a bid on the auction. Thanks for everyone’s support.