US Buyers only! All prices included shipping. Accept Paypal or USPS Money Orders. If prices are to high, don’t hesitate to shoot me an offer.

Dreamcast System w/ power & A/V cables, 1 controller & 1 VMU - $40 shipped (Plays originals, back ups, and imports w/boot disc)

PS2 Games:
Both Guilty Gears games - $30 shipped
Guilty Gear X2 - $15 shipped (Mint condition)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - $15 shipped (Mint condition)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X - $11 shipped (brand new)
Phantom Brave Special Edition w/ Soundtrack - $28 shipped (MINT)

Misc. Items:
Super Puzzle Fighter II Gameboy Advance - $16 shipped (Mint in box)
Metal Gear Saga DVD Vol.2 - $12 shipped (Brand new)
Castlevania Curse of Darkness Promo Soundtrack - $15 shipped
Metal Gear Solid JP w/ Memory Card stickers, MGS Info cards, Gensou Suikoden 2 demo + OBI - $45 shipped
Chrono Cross Greatest Hits - $18 shipped (mint condition)
Broken Dreamcast system w/ AV & power cords, 1 controller - $25 shipped
Innovation PS to XBOX converter - $35 shipped

Dreamcast games: (All the japanese games include the spine card)
Phantasy Star Online Version 2 w/ Versus Guide - $17 shipped
Garou: Mark of the Wolves 1st Edition JP - $30 shipped (Mint)
King of Fighters Dream Match '99 JP - $20 shipped (Mint)
King of Fighters '99 Evolution JP - $20 shipped (Mint)
Both King of Fighters $35 shipped
All 3 SNK games - $65 shipped

Some Pictures:

Added a few things!

I believe I only need seasons 5 and 6 of 24, willing to break em up?

What brand is the psx/dc converter and the condition of it?

It’s the Innovation, aka the best one ever made.

It’s Innovation as Mixah said. The adapter is in mint condition. No problems whatsoever. Reads VMU’s and is great with MAS or PS1 & PS2 Hori sticks.

Added some pictures.


24 Season 1-6 DVD set sold!

Bump with DC system added!

Innovation PS to DC converter pending and Street Fighter III guide SOLD

I love that guide!! I still have mine from when I first bought it. Gamefan always had the best layouts.

PSX to Dreamcast Innovation Converter Sold!

Thanks again!


Is the boot disc the DC-X Boot Disc?

If so, would you be willing to sell it seperately and for how much?

The boot disc is just a Utopia 1.2 CD-R.

Fair enough, thanks for the response

Added a couple more items to the list.

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Pumps and a bump!