Closest airport?


From what I can tell, the closest airport to the Cal Poly Pomona Student Union is Ontario International Airport. Can someone confirm or deny this?


yeah your best bet is probably ontario. It is the closest but you can choose LAX or john wayne airport. Actually scratch LAX too much of a pain driving all the way from there to pomona. Just take ontario



what about Long Beach/Daugherty field airport?


theres a little airport in El Monte!:smiley: But not for commercial stuff, at least i don’t think so.

Going to Ontario would be the better bet of the two.

Traffic wise on Fri. or Thurs., which ever day you come in on.

L.A. traffic is a bitch.


It would appear that flights going into ONT are a good bit more expensive than going into LAX - at least as far as coming from the East Coast appears. In some cases taking a taxi from lax to cal poly might save you some cash.


You know how much a Taxi costs out here? :lol:

That’s 43 miles from LAX to Cal Poly(so says Mapquest)


true ontario looks more expensive but taxis are expensive. last year a 15-20 mins car ride was almost $45. X_X


Last year it cost us more than 30 bucks to get from LAX to UCLA via taxi. But LAX tickets are almost 100+ cheaper than ONT. LAX might run a shuttle bux thingie out as well.

Two halves, one whole I guess. =)

Rental car might be an option as well, for some people at least.


Well guys, arrange to have a So Cal friend pick you guys up =p


So Cal Poly is 40+ miles aways from LAX?!?!?!?:confused: :eek: :eek: Me and the wife was getting an hotel around the LAX airport and that sounds like a far as drive. I hope the traffic isn’t as bad as Atlanta Ga. in rush hour or this will be a horrible vacation.:confused: :bluu:


Don’t do that shit. LAX is way on the other side of LA, as in the opposite side as where Pomona is located (not really LA). Traffic happens, accidents happen.