Closest arcade perfect port of Primal Rage


A few months back I was reading about the discovery of the Primal Rage 2 cabinet surfacing. I hadn’t played the original game in years and decided to look up if an arcade perfect version was made in the last decade. I thought it would be a good buy for our Game Nights we do every week.

Looking it up online I found out that game had a ROM encryption that won’t allow a perfect version to be made. This included the ROMs that can be found online. I’ve been looking for what would be considered the closest version to the arcade that’s available.

I’m looking for a general opinion from the community on what version is closest.


there was a discussion here in fgd some months ago. Consensus was that the best version currently is midway arcade treasure collection for windows pc.


I thought as much, but I was wondering if an update had been issued since the Midway Collection 2 port, and the Primal Rage 2 arcade beta was found. I already have the collection in my PS2 library.

Thanks for the reply. Now I can focus on getting an MK3 port.