Closest place to buy arcade parts for my SE FightStick : I'm in Montreal, Qc, Canada


Hi, I bought a Madcatz SE FightStick and I plan to replace the joystick and the buttons. Is there any place in my area or in Canada? If not, what sites in the USA are the best and closest to me. Thanks!

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Check this thread for a list of online vendors and whether they are taking orders or not.

Unfortunately I dont know of any based in Canada but I would suggest doing a Google/Yellow pages business search and then contacting them to see if they have what you need. Best of luck!


nothing based in canada Bobby. Im from quebec city and i ordered everything i needed from

It will reopen in May.


Can’t help you with your question but where did you pick up the SE stick?


I picked it up at EB Games Saint-Bruno. I think they had 2 and I picked one. I called EB Games Montreal (Versailles), EB Games Longueuil and they all had SE FightSticks. EB Games Montreal had 2 (360 version) just as Saint-Bruno.


Fellow canadian, follow this link. They are located in Mississauga. I ordered from them on Tuesday and got my stuff today.

Cost me $75 inclusing delivery for a Sanwa stick and 8 buttons.

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You can try the playdium store in Toronto.

I think they only have a limited amount of colors to choose from.


WOW… they are pricey…


Not really. Go price the same parts with shipping from the States. You’ll be looking at $100 easily if not more.


I found 30$cad for a JLF is pricey, especially without the mounting plate and wire harness.

Akihabara have better price and with shipping it cost less.


Thanks for the info, I’ll go hunting this weekend…