Closing the gap with Kanji


Does anybody have any tips on how to get closer to your opponent with Kanji? It’s usually not a problem, I just use his jump+quarter circle back+A or B attack against most characters, but there are a few that are excellent at pushing him away and staying away. Namely Naoto and Aigis.

It’s really tough timing my jump ins correctly against talented Naoto and Aigis users, because their first strategy against him is always “Push him back with projectiles”. And they can switch from air to ground on a dime.


Apart from general strategies, make use of his lightning, that’s pretty much his best tool for getting in. If you hit them then they’re shocked and have significantly less options to keep you out. If they block it then they’re stuck in blockstun and you can tap D continually to bring down more lightning and keep them in block stun as you run in.


here’s all my video of me playing Kanji. very simple tactics yet still deadly when your opponents aren’t familiar with Kanji :slight_smile:

as far as closing the gap 2A+C and 214A at air (or C) are your friend. most of the time I mainly use 214A© to close the gap but sometimes I use 2A+C to inch up a little against projectile players. please note that 214A© can be dodge by crouching so you end up trading hits but whenever you do get a hold of them stick close as possible.

forgot to add that C+D is a good alternate burst for kanji. use this when an opponent is pressuring to back them off as well paralyze them. may chip your health but as long you don’t abuse it or waste it you’re good.