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hello all i have been playing adon for a nice bit of time now and as my skill lvl slightly increases with ever match the 1thing i notice is my one big problem of not knowing how to get in close and stay there exspecially against any chracter with projectiles or some charge characters. If anybody would be willing to offer some friendly help and advice on how i could improve my game play please let me no because it is at the point of being extreamly anoyying and cause me to loose alot of matches due to frustration…

ps: if anybody would like to go a match with me and be able to help me better that way then that is also fine but i do warn you i only have PS3


Hey … actually it is pretty hard to say what you should improve without seeing an actual match … maybe you can upload a couple of your matches here in the video thread or somewhere and share the link.

Maybe some general tipps (no offense):

  • It sounds like you are just starting and running into some classic sh… like into fireballs a lot … than you get desperate and you begin to jump … than you get DPed
  • When you are close you get excited and try to build pressure and damage but often get DPs right into your face … maybe you are pressing to much buttons when you are close
  • Try to think about this … what is my opponent doing and what can I do against it with my normal tool set (jump, n.jump, Dash, FA Dash) to move around and get you into a better situation … than add your specials like JT & JK …
  • Look into some frame data & get the feeling ingame when your JT & JK are safe and when you can press a button
  • Abuse the shit out of standing HK (roundhouse) if you are in roundhouse range … but mix it up a bit with medium JK and IAJK (if you are able to execute it reliable … if not --> training room!)

General Adon tipps:

  • Adon does not have any problem getting in on Fireball chars (EX JK, EX JT, IAJK, MK JK, HK JT, Ultra 1) he got tons of tools around fireballs
  • Adon is one of the few chars that can allow himself to jump right into his opponents face … because of his jump arc and speed
  • Adon is footsie/rushdown hybrid that can change from defense to offense very quickly and IAJK is one of the keys for getting in

Well … that is all so far … enjoy Adon


thank you alot man an i will take your tips and focus on them here are some of my most recent vids against fireball charatcters ill try and load more today when i play


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thank you alot man an i will take your tips and focus on them here are some of my most recent vids against fireball charatcters ill try and load more today when i play


I am by no means an expert, but I’ll give you some feedback that will hopefully help after watching your videos.

The first thing I notice is wayyyy too many random rising jaguars. You get lucky once in a while, but most of the time you’re just making a wild guess which leaves you wide open for a punish. Be a bit more patient and if you feel like you absolutely have to push a button, go with St. HK.

Secondly, your anti-airs need work. I would go to training room and set a dummy to do various forward jump attacks against you. Practice countering them with late HK RJ, st. HP, st.MK, and to a lesser extent cr.HP. Learn the distances and reaction times. HK RJ is usually your safest bet, but I often find myself going with st.HP in a laggy connection.

Thirdly, whenever you land a crossup or jump in MK, you never follow through with a combo and end up doing an MK Jaguar Kick which flies over them and leaves you open to a punish. I would spend a lot of time in training room learning to hit confirm after your j.MK connects and ending the combo with RJ. See other threads in this forums for more information on Adon’s BnB combos. Find a few that work for you to start. Mix in tick throws once in a while to keep them on their toes. I noticed you tend to throw early sometimes and whiff, so spend some time on that, too.

Fourthly, you need to work on applying wake-up pressure. This is one of Adon’s strengths and often when you have the opponent grounded you just jump away or do nothing. It’s good to bait here and there but more often than not, you should be exploiting the fact that your opponent is at a disadvantage. Though not a vortex character, Adon has several high, low, ambigous crossup/non-crossup shenanigans that can be a pain to deal with. Learn a few different set-ups and mix them up. Learn the distances at which j.MK will cross up and when it hits in the front. Practice neutral jump MK and HK to step on their heads and also cross up which can catch people off guard. All of these can lead into BnB combos. (NOTE: do NOT regularly do these set-ups against grapplers!) Also. once they’ve been conditioned to block high, you’d be surprised how many people will eat a wake-up sweep lol.

Fifthly, you need to be ready to punish at all times. In the Evil Ryu match, he did a random DP and the best punish you could muster was a standing jab. ANYTHING is better than a standing jab. you could have gotten a full combo, or a throw, or at the very least hit him with a more damaging normal like st. HK or st. HP. This can easily be fixed in training room. Select the characters with DPs or long recovery moves and set them to block as soon as possible. The sequence will be repeated over and over again so you have time to practice your punishes.

Once you feel comfortable with the above stuff, I would spend some time on IAJK, but for now better to get the basics. Check out the Option-Selects Video on Adon on youtube for a visual description of most of this stuff. It’s an old video but most, if not all, of the subjects still apply.
Good luck and hope this was useful.


@Tiers4Fears‌ thank you for the advice and the helpful feed back from my videos. i did notice from watching my replays i posted on youtube that i am very jumpy also witch i have learned to tone dan a bit and i have been paying more attention to what my opponent actually try’s to do. but i do thank both of you guys for the advice and i will make sure to keep it in mine. here is some of my latest videos where i think i did somewhat better then previous matches but i still notice i need work in baiting and in my knockdown pressure game