Closure of the SFxT thread

Surely closing the one place where speculation about a game which has been previewed to the public for the express purpose of it causing discussion is counter-productive? Obviously a trailer and actual gameplay footage was released to get people talking, even if it isn’t out until 2012.

All it will result in is several other threads appearing which would have otherwise been contained within a single isolated, albeit long, thread?

Just questioning the logic of the decision is all.

Dude, it’s over, and you probably should’ve sent this to the mod that closed it instead of trying to put them on blast, by starting a topic asking why the other topic was closed. That’s a big no-no around here.

I’m just questioning the logic of the decision is all.

The point of my remark is that I very much doubt it is over. People will still want to discuss it going forwards, and as any more tid-bits of information are dripped out before the Capcom Expo in 2011 they will end up going into new threads, rather than a catch-all one.

I thought my wording was well-considered and entirely reasonable, to be honest. There was no ‘on-blast’.

Well, I assume people that revive threads with the blatant intent of continuing the discussion of a closed one will be in danger of an infraction.

So its at their own risk. Regardless, I agree this probably would have better been served as a PM.

nazi mods

someone needs to do something about that satome kawada guy, he’s getting out of control.

I take it back, make it a week at the most.

If we have a new, confirmed fighting game franchise, why wasn’t there a subforum made for it? Especially something as major as two crossovers by Capcom and Namco? Sure, there will be rampant speculation, but what’s the harm in it? Can’t dreamers dream? And beyond that, what are we supposed to do now when real new information starts coming down the pipeline?

I know I don’t possess the wisdom nor the experiences of a moderator on this forum, but simply closing the other thread down due to “it’s not out for a long time and I wanna ban people” seems a bit… obtuse.

5-6 days sounds about right

Not really, I doubt the FGD mods would want to trudge through page after page of theory fighter just to see if someone needs to be infracted, besides if you guys wanna talk about SF X Tekken you could always settle for Capcom Unity for now

i know something that you don’t.

I dont get why SRK has become the place for all sorts of crappy threads and theory fighter arguments. Capcomunity and Gamefaqs have always been the place for that kind of stuff. Now by having those threads in FGD, it just pollutes the site with stupid shit and all the good threads end up having to be stickied.

It’s because of SF4. That’s why it’s impossible to not see a dumb thread at least once a day.

It’s a chain reaction of shittiness.

SF4 > more new members > more shitty threads.

Most people joining the forums due to SF4 are just readers who want to learn.

Your signature is funny.

There seems to be less reading than there is mindless posting.

Useless thread, lock please?

That hurts ):

Why you trollin’ SRK, go to Gamefaqs or Tekkenzai-something and create the threads there. Close this.

Speculation is not wanted if there is nothing to gain from it. There is more anger instead of hype so… yeah. :karate: Put a person in a karate outfit and some people see martial arts while some see haduken!

Also, not like any of these threads matter, but this thread is about what happened to another thread. In a way forums is also like a video game to some mods, extremely easy to get banned in many ways. Another one bites the dust, 2 points!!!

Did you actually read that thread? Lemme know what value the last two pages, for example, had.

I went back to it and issued some infractions for people being dumb. Which is the problem. Not having anything to talk about, people get stupid.

Maybe we need some “Speculation About Future Games” forum? O_o

But yeah, this thread should have been a PM to SK, not making a post about you wanting to discuss with SK.

If you can show me worthwhile discussion in the last 100 posts of the closed thread I’ll allow a remake. Otherwise fall back and wait for them to come out with a build that is more than a fucking tech demo.

Also, even if there IS a catch-all thread, it has been proven time and time again that at least one of you will ignore this, and post a new thread with some fucking kotaku link or some shit just to make yourself relevant. Until there’s OFFICIAL RELEASES on the game other than aforementioned tech demo that gives away little, please spare us the dumb threads so I don’t have to come on here more than I have to in order to keep the peace.

And next time PM us if there’s any problems with an FGD mods’ decision. Otherwise you get infracted and end up looking dumb.