Clowns versus Mimes


Hello friends and to the mods I hope this is in the correct place. I am going to make a 2d fighting game called Clowns vs Mimes. It’s going to take a long time but I aint in a rush and I need to make this into a reality before my head explode with all the ideas I have for it. The game will have a dozen or so fighters and will be powered by a 2d fighting game engine I licensed months ago. A few developers inspired me are Takase the developer of the les miserables 2d fighter “Arm Joe” and the former Capcomer Tomoaki Sugeno who created the kicka$$ Vanguard Princess. These guys made these games on their own which is pretty cool. My question is, I wanted to have a feature in the game that would make it highly replayable something that would make the user unable to put it down, something different that really hasn’t been in a 2d fighter before. But I can’t really come up with anything. Would anyone have any suggestions? Here is a few concepts just to show what I am planning…Thanks for reading!

The mime leader Mr. Nice Guy

Clown leader Payaso fighting Capcom’s Ryu (All rights of Ryu belong to Capcom)

Mime member Maestro


Well uh, that’s


An uuuh

Pretty unique idea.


The clown leader looks like Heath ledger Joker (Overrated by the way) meets Gangs of New York.

The Mime I don’t know what the fuck, but this is the best troll attempt of '11 so far.


Yo man, the mime’s are broken because they don’t have any sound cues for their moves so its difficult to react to their attacks.


Not to mention they have barriers that can’t be destroyed


All of their non-physical attacks are invisible too.


but the clowns have those awesome juggles


Interesting. Curious to see progress.