Clowns vs. Mimes


Hello friends I moved this thread to a more suitable place… I am going to make a 2d fighting game called Clowns vs Mimes. It’s going to take a long time but I aint in a rush and I need to make this into a reality before my head explode with all the ideas I have for it. The game will have a dozen or so fighters and will be powered by a 2d fighting game engine I licensed months ago. A few developers inspired me are Takase the developer of the les miserables 2d fighter “Arm Joe” and the former Capcomer Tomoaki Sugeno who created the kicka$$ Vanguard Princess. These guys made these games on their own which is pretty cool. My question is, I wanted to have a feature in the game that would make it highly replayable something that would make the user unable to put it down, something different that really hasn’t been in a 2d fighter before. But I can’t really come up with anything. Would anyone have any suggestions? Here is a few concepts just to show what I am planning…Thanks for reading!

The mime leader Mr. Nice Guy

Clown leader Payaso fighting Capcom’s Ryu (All rights of Ryu belong to Capcom)

Mime member Maestro


I hate to break it to you, but you have already failed your dream with just this one sentence…


Just wait Tuna Fish Riot…it will be a surprise hit my friend! I know when u think of mimes your like wtf? But it won’t be the average mime you see on the corner “trapped” in the box…it will be a roster of cool original characters, and the same for the clowns.


I will main Homey D. Clown fo sho!


I generally hate “omg im going to make a fighter11!!!” threads but at least you have a fun concept. You definitely need a Pennywise-type character, and one based on Killer Klowns.


Unique idea and the concept art for it is great. Could lead to a really fun & fresh game environment.

Also, since you’ve liscenced the engine, you’ve more incentive to stay on task and finish the damn thing as opposed to “hey I downloaded Mugen and read three tutorials on the internet. Let’s make an entire game!!” G’luck and hope to see an alpha soon! Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for a gimmicky replay feature.


Thanks Manx


Well, I have faith that you can probably build a fun game, but overall, I think anything clown-related just kills the marketing and replayability aspects of your game. Since you are just limiting your characters to clowns and mimes, you are lowering your chances of building iconic, memorable characters.

Even if you got some hot, big-boobed Harley Quinn babes, I still think you’ll achieve a fan-base of cult clown fanatics and clown porn fetishists at best. You know… them juggalos and whatnot.

But anyway, I wish you the best of luck. This will be a tough one to pull off, but you’ll at least have fun making the game.


Thanks TFR. There will be clowns and mimes, but some characters will be related to others, who won’t be necessarily mimes or clowns. Soon I will present more of the characters. Thanks for the well wishes too.


As long as there’s a schoolgirl/loli mime/clown I will buy.


She will be broken.


Ok…since no one else is obivously going to come out and say it.

You’re a fa.ggot


Man, you people have any idea how broken the mimes are going to be in this game?

I mean, seriously. They can have any weapon, item, move, object they want. And they’re all INVISIBLE!

Is that a water pistol or a rocket launcher that mime is pointing at you? YOU DON’T KNOW!


you don’t know if the mime is shit. If the mime is any good you should be able to tell it’s a rocket launcher.


I would play this game! A clown super should be like a clown car comes out of no where and like 20 clowns come out and just go nuts on the other opponent!


Heihachi and ken will be top tier.



There’s only a few things that make a fighting game worth replaying.

  1. Good gameplay
  2. Varied character selection
  3. Stat tracking


Here I thought this was going to be just a versus thread like the old meme of ninjas vs pirates.

Well the fact that it isn’t won’t deter me, clowns would shit on mimes all day. They are far more dexterious and talented. They even get real objects to fight with instead of pretend.


but this is a video game, pretend objects can do damage!
oh god, what’s the name of the clown in metalocalypse? the one who does cocaine? he needs to be in this game. lol.


Come on people

Mr. Mime with 3 stock super art meter