Club Ice Las Vegas

So a bunch of us Saturday night after the pools are going clubbing…

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Any tips on what time to get there to avoid huge lines… local people?


Bump. I’d like to know what’s good from locals.

yo phil its gonna be a bitch getting in. But im down to wait son

Oh boy, nightclubs.

Ridiculously loud music that sucks, blinking lights that blind you, extremely overpriced drinks, headaches since you can’t hear yourself talk, and thousands of people crunched into a hot, tiny space like sardines.

Not my idea of a good time, and I don’t know why it’s anybody else’s either.

The funniest part is when people pretend to “dance” aka move around in some slutty fashion as if it means anything. Yes, let’s all go out to the nightclubs because we’re all SURE TO GET LAID! Yeah fucking right, I’m sure we’ll all convince the other girls there on vacation to come back to our rooms with us…

You’ll have more fun ordering a girl to visit you in your room and drinking from the mini bar. And it will probably be cheaper, and you’re guaranteed to get laid. And she won’t fucking be there in the morning when you wake up either - SCORE!

u aint got to dance phil, but grinding is half the fun.

It’s also REALLY hard to rape chicks when you invite them to your hotel room. They may have the directions written down somewhere, tell people where they’re gonna go, etc.

So much easier at a club. You’d think it would be hard…not really.

ha ha ha…will some one show him where the prostitutes are at!!!

seems like you tried it a few times or something??? thanks for the input ill keep that in consideration lol

Club ICE is whack yo!!!

I was up there last weekened if you want to go to a good ass club go to PURE at Caesars Palace. That shit was off the hook!!!

Oh shit! Look at this guy. You goin’ to evo, dawg?

Is pure one of those places you gotta where suits and crap to get in and cost like 30 dollars for a cover charge???

That sounds good then… since Caesar’s is right on the strip (Ice is not) and that’s where we’ll be…


Dress code at Pure is pretty much like any other club in Vegas. You don’t have to wear a full on suit, but it helps to leave the sneakers at the hotel room and rock a collar shirt. I don’t know how much cover there is cuz I’ve never had to pay it. :confused: And expect it to be packed as hell.

Some other good clubs on the Strip would be Tao and Jet. But like Pure, the lines tend to be gigantic, so it’s probably best to get there a little early. And if you’re rolling through general admission, try to score some passes while you’re walking on the Strip. They’re really easy to come across. And get ripped before you go in, because drink prices are offensive.

And if you’re gonna score bottle service, hit me up so I can partake in that ish. <3

Yeah pretty much what Sex Cowboy said above is all true.

Easy way to get into these clubs is get some girls that are in line (it doesn’t matter if they are fine or not) talk to the bouncers and they will let you in. If you make a line it will take you from 1:30 -2 hours if you talk to the bouncer it would take you to 20 to 40 minutes tops.

Coverage at Pure is 25 since the bouncer did hook you up when you get in but I think that its woth it. I have been to Jet and yeah it is dope also i dunno about Tao but I have heard good things about it .

Qwazy: The way that things are lookinhg right now i have like an 80% chance of going :slight_smile:

Tao’s fun, but the dance floor is like this -> <- big. So if you’re gonna pick up some middle aged bride’s maid from out of town for some super raunchy dry humping/dancing, expect to knock some people over.

OH! And look out for the super old dude! There’s this like 80 year old dude who frequents Pure and Jet. Since he’s like 80 he gets a good amount of play from the females and all of the dudes give him mad props for coming out at his age. It’s crazy. X_X