CM Punk Holding Up PandaXGaming Lobby - ResidentSleeper


Ban him from the FGC - ResidentSleeper
Just got him banned from PXG

Success. Come check out for 24/7 Streamed USF :slight_smile:

The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb


This fool is in the chat with 2 different twitch accounts talking to himself. I’m done



lol i had to sign up for this shit


I’m starting to believe he traded his bathroom supplies for pp points.


lol what a tosser!


I’ve seen him on other streams lol. He said that was his friend, and “someone else” said “It was a troll”. Real talk, I’ll take you up on that boost offer. I don’t care about my points, free moneh for sitting on my ass on XBL. Yes plz.


You son of a bitch, I thought you were talking about the REAL CM Punk, not some random ass nigga. :mad:


He’s too busy bitching about his marriage on Twitter.