CO-OP from the guys that brought you the 1up show

I was wondering if anyone here watches CO-OP? It’s put together by the same guys that did the 1up show before their lay-off a few months ago. They’re up to episode 11 now and I have to say I really enjoy their reviews. CO-OP definitely manages to strike a balance between indie gems and mainstream. Not to mention that their reviews are pretty honest. If you haven’t watched any here’s the link to their page on youtube.

I do. Been keeping up with them since they started. I like the blend of humor in the whole thing and it doesn’t feel forced. It’s a groupd of guys having fun reviewing games.

I like how they actually make their own commercials for their sponsors. The Squarespace rave is pretty good. And thanks to their reviews I have a list of games I want for my iphone. I’ve also been convinced to make my first ever pc game purchase with Plants vs Zombies…as soon as I finish my ponzi scheme for more cash.

yeah this is my favorite podcast maybe even more than diggnation there on that podcast network along with some others

Resurrect’d. Ok, sorry to bring back a zombie since I don’t really post updates much. But I had to share this episode just solely for the ending. Matt’s tantrum was epic.
Here’s the link [media=youtube]eAtJ2sPQIWU[/media]