Coach me


Ok so im looking for some one on XBL to coach me a bit (mentor).

I love the game, and fighting games in general, but could really use some one to teach me a bit.
Combos are going better now, but i need to get better in the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

Atm i play mostly Ryu, Evil Ryu, Seth. but maby it fits my gameplay better to change character maby. (mabyyou can tell me)

Im still doing research on these forums, youtube (vesper) etc, but i think the best way for me to learn is to have some one tell me what i do wrong, since some times you do things without even knowing they are bad and keep repeating it.

So if anyone could care enough to help me out a bit, maby a few times a week for i dunno how long. This might sound stupid but i can imagine it can become a little boring to play some one under your skill level, but with the right results id even be up to donate you some $$$.

Got a working mic if needed.

Please help me out :slight_smile:


(i hope this is the right forum for it to post, since its not character specific)

Go here for matchmaking on XBL:

And read all the stickied posts in the newbie section.