My friend got me into SSF4AE about a month ago, and I fell it love with it and the FGC in a big way. So much so that we’ve booked flights and hotel to Vegas to head to Evo to help support and build the scene. I’m looking to ocassionally play with some good players on XBL who are willing to play with me, tell me how terrible I am, and give me a few pointers. If I win one match before scrubbing out of Evo I would be ecstatic.


I recommend you look up these following threads to find guys willing to help you both online AND offline:

It’ll be more effective finding a coach locally near you. Guys are more willing to help newbies when they make an effort to show up to local scenes and show a genuine need to get better.


Want eltrouble said. Use the matchmaking forums for matchmaking.