Coat check for arcade sticks?

I would pay to check my arcade stick in like they check in coats at night clubs.

Carrying a stick around all day sucks.

Anyone staying at the event hotel won’t have an issue with that this year- just leave the stick in your room and pick it up whenever you feel like playing.


…or check it in where all the action is and waste less time walking around. Casio hotels are designed to put as many slot machines and card tables between you and your hotel room as possible, and it doesn’t look like the hotel in question is going to be small.

If carrying my stick around all day and/or making multiple trips to my hotel room is my only option, I will end up not taking my stick to the tournament and borrowing some random rubberneck’s stick.

Like I said, this is a service I’m willing to pay for. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

i concur.

i say we also have a rent a bouncer service to watch our stick while we leave it at the side and have him kick the shit out of anyone who tries to steal it.

While obviously not impossible, “stick check” has a lot more problems than a traditional coat check or a valet and has “giant hassle” written all over it.

  1. Unlike the “drop off when you arrive, pick up when you leave” coat checks, players will probably want to drop off and pick up more than once- maybe even 6 or 7 times over the course of a day. Multiplied by a thousand and that makes an already-annoying job extra-annoying, time-intesive, and vastly increases the chance for screwups.

  2. Security. Just having an area with things behind a table doesn’t really make it secure, especially with people saying “oh I see my stick right over there- I’ll just grab it- no worries.” Having a stick check would require a separate, walled room, which we do not have.

  3. Good (whatever) checks actually have specialized rooms with numbered compartments for items, to prevent them from becoming a pigpile on the floor that can’t be efficiently searched. So not only do we not have an extra walled room, we definitely don’t have one set up to handle the itemized storage of a lot of similar-looking things.

  4. Even if you are too lazy to drop your stick off in your room (or it is some vast distance from the event floor), it’s quite likely that the hotel already provides a service like this at the front desk or somewhere similar. It’s often the case that travelers will check out but ask to store their luggage for the remainder of the day, and good hotels are happy to accommodate you.

Like many well-intentioned and good suggestions, we’ve thought of or heard them before. If they were rejected, most of the time they were rejected for carefully considered reasons. You may not always agree with the reasons, but you also probably have not run the events on this scale, where every seemingly “simple” addition comes with lots of secret added hassles.


Rock a back pack.

This is exactly what I was going to suggest. You can put your stick in a back pack and carry it that way. Less stress on your arms, and makes it hard to lose.

Or put it in a duffel bag. Nobody will look at it because they think you’re carrying a bomb. True story, happened at MLG Orlando. :stuck_out_tongue:

Staff doesn’t need any more tasks to handle. Last thing we need is another bitchfit fest about joysticks.

“Where is my stick?”
“Screw SRK, I lost my stick!”
"<insert random message>"

We don’t need it. I’d rather just stick to announcing names.

yupp this guys right bullshit like keeping other ppls sticks n stuff can cause more problems bcz of theft n lost sticks r a bitch to deal with u get ppl’s attitudes n threats for sueing and other shit we dont need that jus dont be lazy and bring a backpack and if sumone tries to jack ur stick literally beat the shit outta them hahaha