Cobra's "I Just Lost My Job" Trade Thread

So like a lot of people, I lost my job, and now I’m going through all the assorted BS in my room to try and make a little bit of extra money to help pay the few bills I have. Few ground rules:

1.) I do take paypal! is where you can send the payment.

2.) All prices are negotiable. If something is priced a bit too high, then post here and let me know and we’ll work out a price. I’m not too picky at the moment, because I’m really desperate for cash.

3.) That being said, I’m primarily looking to just get money at the moment, but if you have something up for trade let me know and i’ll check your list.

4.) All sales are final.

I’m lazy, so here’s a couple pics of the whole lot:

1.) Samurai Champloo DVD #1. $5 shipped.
2.) Cloverfield DVD. $5 shipped.
3.) Bleach: Memories Of Nobody DVD. Still sealed, Jap dub eng sub. $10 shipped.
4.) Babylon AD DVD. $5 shipped.
5.) Chessmaster PC Game. $5 shipped.
6.) Pokemon Emerald Pre-Order Metal Tin Case. Comes with the VIP access card, “Battle Frontier” booklet and some instruction manuals for assorted GBA games. $10 shipped.
7.) Pokemon Platinum Giratina pre-order figurine, still sealed in plastic bag. $5 shipped.
8.) SFAC Akuma Fightpad. Comes in original box, but controller is diassembled. Works perfectly, but I took it apart hoping to use the PCB for a modding project, but never got around to it. $20 shipped.
9.) TRADED TO kasprfoto
10.) SOLD TO ibeatu
11.) TRADED TO kasprfoto
13.) Metroid Fusion GBA Game with Strategy Guide. Strategy Guide has seen better days. Cartridge says “Not For Resale” on it, so i’m not sure if it was a promotional cartridge or not. $15 shipped.
15.) Custom Cammy Fightstick, wired for Xbox 360. All sanwa except for the top 3 which are happ, I believe. Bought it for modding purposes and to gut it for parts, but unfortunately I need the money right now. Might be missing a couple of screws, but I’m not sure. I’ll sell this for $70 shipped, but I’ll take trades as well. I’m looking for a couple of PS3 PCB’s that are wired with QD’s, and preferably labeled to tell me which wires are for which attack, as I’m too lazy for trial and error. :slight_smile:
16.) SOLD TO kasprfoto

I take Paypal, primarily, but I’ll take money orders as well. Cash is only at your own risk if you wish to do that. Thanks for your time. Now help a brother out, lol.


ill take the sanwa stick for 5 bucks, also sent u the payment as a gift

Oh MAN that is some nice stuff you’ve got for sale there .Cobra! I’m especially loving that Suzo Inductive joystick. Whoever picks that up is a lucky, lucky man! :lovin:

Good luck with your sales man! :tup:

Interested in the Suzo =)

pm’d on the Sanwa joystick, no microswitches

Sorry raoul, it’s been sold. :frowning: And thanks Ikagi-chan!

@kasprfoto, the suzo is pending atm, but if it falls through i’ll let you know.

you selling that sf anniv stick? :slight_smile:

$100 shipped, man. :slight_smile: Gonna cost me about $20 to ship it, since it’s a freakin’ beast. lol. Normally I’d charge 90, but I really need the cash.

Dark cloud 2/Brave Fencer Musashi guides sold.

I want Suzo Inductive. :sad:

Inbox full =(

cleared. if you’ll accept the trade kasprfoto, just pm me your address and i’ll ship the ex2 and inductive out. :smiley:

Sorry, jdm. :frowning:

pm’d again =)

posting from ps3, but the suzo has been traded. will update first post later today. thanks!

Also looking for Soul Calibur 4 CE for ps3, preferably sealed, or complete in mint/near mint condition, and Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 as well.
Willing to swap my SFAC stick for an xbox 360 arcade system, as well. must have HDMI port though, and not be a RROD one, obviously. lolz.

Hey you’re thread title looks real familiar. :lol: Sorry to hear about the job. I just finally found one myself and I should be starting next week. I didn’t see anything that I need but free bump nonetheless. Anyone buying from Cobra can expect excellent service.

bump, help a brother out, lol. I’m desperate for cash. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that, man. Hope you get something going soon. Buy this guy’s stuff.

sent a pm

Thanks, bro.

PM’s replied to. Help my FFXIII fund as well, lol!

got my jlf parts in

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: