Cod and Ultra mess up

90% of my fights are lost because most of the time when i try to do a CoD or Ultra a stupid Falling Sky jumps out of nowhere and totally ruins the fight for me,

ie. ken whiffs his ultra i use my Ultra… NOPE EX falling sky for NO reason ,and then im wide open and lose the fight.

wtf, why does falling sky jump out of nowhere and ruin everything all the time

it’s the input commands.

stick or pad?

if it’s pad, it pretty much explains why. I had the same issue when I was on pad…the 1st week the game was out. Had to get a stick. Not the best but gets the job done. Hori Fighting Stick 3, FTW.

if you’re still getting the wrong move even after you moved to stick, then get in training mode and practice what you’ve been messing up on. Do it about 20 times on each side.

Falling sky comes out because of the stupid short cut system that is built into the game. If you press diagonal down two times in a row, the game will register that as a f,d,f motion and thus you get a falling sky/srk type of move if your character has it. If you buffer the d,f,d,f too fast, sometimes you will get it registered as diagonal downx2 which is really stupid. This is the same reason why people have a hard time getting bison’s ultra to come out instead of his teleport.

Practice is your best option, you dont have to do the input all fast just take ur time, if you do it really fast u might mess up and do an extra input which could explain the srk shortcut inputs coming out

practice your execution more. especially in the middle of a fight sometimes you get too excited and fucked up your execution. that or your execution just sucks :rofl:

Hello there!

I am a noob, and I have something to share.
I used to do Utra the traditioal way: :qcf::qcf::3p:
Then I saw a thread here that says :d::df::qcf::3p: will do, and I tried, it works great too.
Now I do my Utra simply input :d::df::d::r::3p:,
and if its 2P position: :d::l::d::l::3p:.

Just try it and practice, it will get along!

You’re terrible. Practice more or quit.

This sounds more like an excuse to blame the input shortcut system to me. The reason the FS comes out is because you’re not getting the inputs correctly, not some shoddy system a la capcom. Chances are you’re not getting the second “down” input, so the system sees d, df, f, df, f PPP, which isn’t ultra. Due to the shortcut system, it will probably work if you did d, df, f, db, d, df, f PPP, which shouldnt, but does, work.

As for bison’s teleport, I can’t imagine people maining him having that problem to the point of it being problematic.

for some reason cr. fp is completly inconsistant vs Ken, it just hits him once alot of times, Specially after his ultra.

Sometimes it’s better to cancel the first hit into a CoD and FADC into a proper c.fp if you think it’s going to bug.

if he whiffed his ultra, hit him with a fully charged FA into whatever or just ultra without the cr.hp.

Youre not hitting that last towards input.
Youre doing d,df,f,d,df 3p.
Its the same reason Ryu players get EX SRK instead of ultra after a fadc srk.

A tip is to do the motion like this: :qcf::qcf::uf::3p:
That way you are guaranteed to get that last towards.
And dont be afraid that you might jump because you wont.
The ultra will cancel the prejump frames so no jump comes out.

This has to be the most useful post I’ve ever seen on SRK. I made an account literally just to comment on this. Ever since I switched to a stick, I’ve been extremely inconsistent with executing any double qcf/qcb motion; now, I am executing ultras 10 out of 10 times.

Thank you very much!