Code of Honor (Milwaukee 06-19-2010) Results



  1. David (Bison, Ken, Honda, Dudley)
  2. HeadTap (Vega)
  3. Madwak (Viper, Rufus)
  4. Price (Blanka)
  5. Syxx (Sakura, Guy, Rose)
  6. Munn3y (Balrog)
  7. Chazro (Cammy)
  8. TomatoPancake (Zangief)
  9. Shin Wolverine
  10. Derek
  11. Gandara
  12. Chips
    rest ranked equally since they were eliminated during pools
  13. SRWPyrit
  14. ShadowHado
  15. Choppie_choppie
  16. Chuck
  17. Mafia
  18. Brad
  19. Soloist
  20. Footmeetsskull
  21. Saucepan Man
  22. Jim


  1. Munn3y (Balrog)
  2. Syxx (Cammy)
  3. Footmeetsskull (Ryu, Blanka wtf)
  4. Mateogalvan (Ryu)
  5. Madwak (Sagat, Fei Long)
  6. Chun Pai (Chun-li)
  7. Price (Blanka)
  8. Merp (Guile)

Tekken 6

  1. Mateogalvan
  2. Lil Negrito
  3. Tick
  4. Merp
  5. Shadow Hado
  6. Syxx
  7. Chazro
  8. SRWPyrit
  9. Rob
  10. John

Thanks everyone for coming out, if anyone has suggestions for next month please feel free to leave a comment. Overall I think the tournament was good but lacking setups but I think that even with 2 setups for each game (really we had 3 for Tekken) we managed to get through it in a short period of time. I wanna thank Soloist and Foot for putting everything together, and thanks to everyone involved in spreading the word about the event. Hope to see you guys all back next time. Also soloist thanks for the soda. Peace.


Congrats to David!

Ok, even though I wasn’t there for the full thing…I just wana say…

Thanks for holding an event for everyone to come and get together. Meeting new faces, putting faces on names, seeing old friends and whatever the case may be it was a great time for the short time I had to spend there.

I wish I would’ve been there to see it all and participate. But from what I saw, I liked the variety of plays.

HeadTap: Wish I could’ve seen more of your vega and play you. But hopefully next time you come around again.

Jim: awesome stuff with Cammy. Though the time was short, there’s great change.

Danny: WTF!? Kinda dropped the ball there. I know you can do so much better than that. But it’s all good, everyone has their days and shit. Hopefully you can pull it together next time.

HmongMafia: nice to have meet you and your buddies. Sorry forgot your friends names. But it was good games with you and your friend. Though kinda sad on my part.

Munn3y and Chazro: nice to meet u guys too. hopefully we can get some games in online sometime.

Everyone I saw play but didn’t know who the fuck you were, hahaha: Good stuff though. I saw the whole first round so I’m sure I got to see everyone. It’s good to see and know that there are other SF players out there around this dreaded place.

Hopefully everyone will make the effort to come back. If it’s being held on Saturdays I’ll be sure to drop by for casuals again and hopefully get around to more ppl. Yeah, work sucks! But from what I hear it’ll be on Sundays in the future. So if it is, that’ll be great. I’ll get to play and enjoy more time.

If anyone plays on xbox, feel free to add me and come own me up. I’m pretty much FREE!! GamerTag is ElectricGodFist. Yeah, don’t play tekken as of now so this GT is kinda gay. haha plus I was trying gt out and I didn’t know you could go back so umm I’m kinda stuck with this shit until I pay to change or something along the way. But when I do it’ll be L.O.P.E. But til then it is what it is haha Just incase anyone is wondering why it has to do with tekken and im playin only sf.



Oh yea…

I was also gona say thanks to Tracks for letting everyone come and take up space and cause problems for them. The food wasn’t super awesome great. But it was good enough to enjoy and for the price for what it was I thought it was decent. Though soda was pretty expensive IMO. But yeah…


Haha, nice Va. I didn’t push myself. If I knew you’re asian eyes were watching me I would’ve tried harder! Thanks, though.


yeah, who wouldn’t wana watch one of the previous champs at the tracks huh? wana see what kinda show u were gona put on. but umm i guess it was a bitch show, cuz u got slapped around hahahaha

don’t worry, u’ll get them nex time…MAYBE!! :rofl:



:sad: LOL


Dear Syxx,

How dare you knock me out of both tournies? Tekken is understandable… but SSF4? I seem to have underestimated you. I will not let it happen again.


Can you also post a link for the tonamento bracket? So we can see how it all happened? I can’t seem to find it.


Basically I didn’t want to mess up with tonamento so I just used it as a starter to get through the brackets until I had 4 players in the winners bracket and 8 in losers. Because I set it up for pool play and didn’t want to restart it, it actually had people rematching in the losers bracket wayyyyy too early. So what I did was have the person who was left in the losers bracket for pool 1 play against the the person who lost the “winners finals” from pool 4, and the last player from pool 2 play against the person who lost the final match in pool 3 and so on. I can obviously handle a 32 man bracket on paper but I figured I’d give the program a try but next time if I use it I wouldn’t do pools. The other thing was I wanted to convert to paper because Soloist’s lap top kept going into locked mode with his screen saver and I didn’t want it to keep holding up the tournament since surprisingly I made it quite far in this when I expected to go 2-2 at best.

I think the only reason why the bracket isn’t public is because you need an upgraded account to do that. Anyone can make an account on the site and run a tournament using their software but the results won’t be public. I used soloist’s account instead of my own so I don’t have access to it currently. If you want a run down of the remaining players in winners and losers after the people who went 0-2 and 1-2 were elminited, I generally save the brackets of the tournaments I run so that I can always post the full results on this site.

I did the top 4 based on the top 2 from the last tourney at the tracks as well as what I guess you would call our first ranbat, but since I will probably end up running the bracket at the next tournament the top 8 seeds will be generated solely from the results of THIS tournament since it’s been the first “real” tournament that we’ve had for SSF4 in Milwaukee.

And yeah like I was telling munn3y like if we played a longer set you could probably beat me over all but luckily I was able to pull it together and was able to take advantage of you fucking up your execution too many times, plus getting randomly hit by ex tatsu can hurt but I don’t really mind throwing them out there sometimes since they are safe on block even though you can dp them but people generally don’t do that hahahaha. I don’t play the game at home but I do play 1-2 times at week, 1 at least at Jerry’s which is even more reason why you gotta try to make it out to his place for his fight nights which are every tuesday so you don’t get scrubbed out at the next one. It’s different than when we played before because I am somewhat actually trying to learn the game. I might as well since there isn’t really much else going right now FG wise unless you are into playing random games like NGBC or whatever else.


lol, yeah, I saw the screensaver/password issue.
I would like to make it to Tuesday nights, but my schedule makes it hard to make those nights. If i could, I may be able to come bi-weekly, possibly. What’s the address?

My execution skills failed, due to me not playing Cammy for a while. I’ve been training up my Ibuki, who was scrubbin’ it out beautifully XD

Also, I wanna thank foot, syxx, and soloist for the events. L.O.P.E, nice to meet you too :smiley:


The address is 911 E Center and it’s about 2 blocks from the tracks tavern basically. Every tuesday around 7.


so everyone welcomed to Jerry’s Fight Nights thing?


as much as i would like to make an innapropriate or racist joke, the straight answer is more or less yes.

anyway get your asses out there some tuesday