Code of Princess Versus mode revolutionizes fighting games!


Over 52 playable characters (surpassing UMVC3) and the fighting system is more refined than Guardian Heroes

It even has more depth than those Super Smash brawlers and definitely much more original and creative character selection than PS All Stars. :slight_smile:

This also shows to have better story mode than any fighting game in history!! :slight_smile: With also 4 players co-op option (Fatal Fury was the first to introduce co-op in fighting, but Code Princess looks to transcend fighting co-op!!)


Well yea…it’s on 3DS, but maybe the fighting game community will convince them to bring it to consoles and support arcade joysticks!! This could really be one of the top 3 most played at EVO tournaments and raise the standards of fighting games!! Don’t you agree? :slight_smile:


Guardian Heroes game…only on 3DS.



OP have you played the game to make such assessments?
Personally if its anything like Guardian heroes than its really not going to do much revolutionary IMO.
treasure does make greats games and guardian heros is one of their best, but guardian heroes is not great fighter by any means. I feel that title belongs to Bleach ds series. Code of princess looks like another clone of guardian heros that replaces sprites with polygone.


it’s affinity
he just says shit and is silly


“A code of princess”

That’s some in-birth naming right there!


Affinity also declared the following games to be the best fighting games ever before they were released:

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Guardian Heroes XBLA


This game is anime as fuck.


This game’s plot is Fire Emblem with even more boob.

Just look at the logo


looks interesting, love guardian heroes, but I don’t own any modern handhelds… oh well


That’s my favorite Zoanoid… Zancrus is cool too though.

Oh yeah… game looks cool lol.


I actually wanted to be Aptom but someone took the name already! So I went with the next best.

Anyways if I had a 3DS I’d probably get this game!


Lol is OP retarded?
This is a beat Um up not a fighting game.

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Welcome back affinity. We missed you…well, at least I did.


This is revolutionary


MEW!!! mew mew mew mew MEEEEW!!

I know what I’m talking about!!! Also, beat em ups are at least a subgenre within fighting games (like action rpgs are still considered RPGs. Look at Castlevania SOTN and other action adventure games with rpg elements, they are even acknowledged as rpgs by Of course people use the term beat em ups, but even the Wall Street Journal is aware that they still count as “fighting” games. Of course the traditional term for fighting games has been segregated since the 16 bit days, but that was after the surge in the 90s and companies like Capcom trying to making “fighting game” separate from beat em ups (which is a shame, because beat em ups deserve as much attention, development and evolution like fighting games, very few companies like Treasure bothered to take beat em ups further, as well as Bomber Games SOR fan remake, although that’s a PC subject.)

Companies like Capcom tried to monopolize the definition of fighting games to the format they used since Street Fighter II, so that and their betrayal towards beat em ups has led to beat em ups genre becoming more and more niche, which is a shame because beat em ups can be just as skillfull and enjoyable as fighting games can, from a co-op standpoint and a competitive versus stand point too. but nuuuuu, peoplez just gotta act like something isn’t a fighting game unless it plays like a Street Fighter.


Then if there was a vs. game in this format then it would be a Vs. Beat-em-up just like how Smash isn’t a fighting game, it’s a Vs. Platformer.

If people wanted to play a Vs. Beat-em-up in the first place they could already play DFO/DNF. People that want to play “fighting games” will continue to do so. That’s it really. If there’s overlap in between and people like to play both, okay.

If you want to play semantics, like any game that isn’t Cooking Mama is a fighting game. I take that back because you have to fight against the timer. Rune Factory is a fighting game. Any shooting game is a fighting game from Gradius to Vanquish. Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is a fighting game.


See, when he’s mostly coherent and sounding like a reasonable human being, I get the feeling that he’s being serious about what he writes.
But then, there are times where phrases like this show up and I just don’t know what to think anymore.

Best fighting game ever is Chip 'N Dale’s Rescue Rangers on NES. Game has PvE and PvP and has environmental hazards cleanly integrated as a core part of the game. Controls are simple enough for anybody to pick up and play, but requires skill to in order to grab your opponent. Projectile zoning is combined with match-ending grapples. This is the game that needs to be updated and put on the EVO circuit.