Code Vein, The No Affinity thread edition

Now the game is saved y’all.
You can thank me sending psn cards via pm :coffee:

Saved from what? I don’t know what you’re even talking about

Now I’ll more likely buy Code Vein…

Damn this game looks nice.

Oh yeah you know I’m on board with it. VAMPIRES, folks. When it comes to badass supernatural shit, that’s the real deal… the lore has always been a goldmine of material for games, though few developers ever bother with it (either because they’re uncertain of things or just downright unimaginative; there’s also a certain hugely popular stupid ass goddamn book series that became a terrible movie series that basically RUINED the goddamn image of the vampire in pop culture.) until recently with this and the upcoming Vampyr (also PS4/X1/PC). I’ve been watching this one like a hawk ever since the first announcement of it. Whatever special edition there is… I want that too. At least for me, this and the other game I mentioned are “a big fuckin’ deal” as Joe Biden would say. They are SO goddamn bought.

Loved God Eater, love Dark Souls, love animu shit, game’s looking pretty good.

Why do we need two threads for this?

Cause we’re not posting in Affinity’s thread so we can minimize the anti-hype.

Plus the other one has been sunk for some reason.

The anti-hype is real.

Because the shittiest poster here keeps making threads which completely kill hype for new games by shilling the fuck out of them.

Guy is trash and people want to talk about this game without feeding the troll.

if anyone is a troll here that would be ostracizers like you and whoever brings up the antihype gimmick.

tellem bro, shits lame af.

affinity brings the hype to gd with his quality threads highlighting new and interesting games

I want to reply but I know better.

Wait, affinity is a dude now?

Not sure, always heard it’s a chick. But I know that nobody cares unless tits are involved.

Everyone on the Internets is a male

if affinity is a girl shes the template for the ultimate gf tbh

The template for ultimateness ever

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Affinity is not real.

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