Cody Anti DWU Tech



For anyone that is interested here are my setups for cody with DWU setups and anti DWU OSes

Back to DWU:
Essentially if you do a normal safe jump and you see DWU you can use anti DWU OSes to set up reversal safe meaty jabs, anti back dash and anti stand tech crack kicks, as well as frame trap cl FP’s. Since these are all being OSed, The results from the oses will always be identical as long as you do the safe jump properly and wiff your jump in in the air.

If someone is always using DWU I have compiled a list of 4 frame safe jumps that are all auto-timed by whiffing normals so its actually better if someone is always using DWU every single time since all but 2 of codys HKD safejumps require manual timing (back throw and EX ruffian).

Once they start mixing up DWU and regular wake-up you have oses to cover your ass if they DWU and you do a normal safe jump. If you do a DWU safe jump and they wake up normally, you will still be on the ground when the technical pops up and you can abandon the safejump.

The meaty jab setup are also unique in that you can link cr lp, cl fp without a counter hit and can be up to +5 on block from the jab while being safe against 7 or 8 frame reversals.

Check it out here:


Edit: the only setups i have no idea what to do during delay or regular wake up would be U1 and U2 so if you have any ideas i havent listed let me know.


Most cody safe jumps don’t give you enough time to adjust before you jump. Os meaty especially jab seems to be the way to go, I landed meaty jab into momochi cody on a cammy the other day :slight_smile: you can also chain os the os jab to beat dwu backdash, dj can’t escape this I think.
Also if you guys are reacting to dwu off backthrow please tell me how as it seems to technical just as I leave the ground.


You cant really adjust. You just gotta make the call.

  1. I think he is going to wake up normal. Do a normal safe jump “See technical in the air” DWU OS

  2. This dude has been using DWU every single time. Ok then im going to use my DWU safe jump setup on a read.

  3. I think hes going to DWU so im going to do my DWU safe jump setup up. “No technical pops up” Abandon ship im going to stay on the ground.


I’m assuming jab is the go to os vs dwu?


pretty much as it is safe vs 7 and 8 frame reversals if you do a 4 or 5 frame safe jump respectively and you can os backdash with chain os sweep/U2. Plus it sets up incredible frame traps into st fp [4 and 3 frame gaps depending on the safe jump.

Cl fp/f + mp are nice as if you think your opponent is going to mash cr tech or jab you can get a beefy counter hit combo as it leaves a bit of a gap unlike cr lp that hits meaty. but you could just os jab and frame trap after that. With the godlike frame advantage.

crack kick is nice on solid read as it beats stand techs and backdashes for 240-250 meterless or just shy of 300 for one bar. The way the airborn frames overlap means you catch all the the absolute most delayed stand techs but it is no without risk.


I can confirm it blows up viper :slight_smile:


Im hoping some other people are down to experiment as there are a lot of sick possibilities.

cl mp has 8 frames of recovery starts up in 6 frames. if 4 frame start up cr lp is hitting meaty perfectly i could see cl mp being a meaty that is also save vs slower reversals. and since cl hp has a 1-2 frame gap in most of my setups it should be hitting meatyish.

further more any DWU normals that hit non meaty but late enough to stuff reversals like DJ’s EX MGB. I could see os slide being possible for that as well.

was hoping for more input but so for its just me and you lol