Cody at Evo

Discuss Codys representation at Evo here.

So far, only Sabres Cody has been noteworthy. Chris Hu’s second pick of Cody was lackluster, he could have done better Ruffian FADC combos and less random sweeps, and he won a match with a psychic ruffian.

Apart from that, the random picks for Cody have not been good unfortunately.

Sanchez and SaBrE tearin’ it up!
I like how SaBrE plays, it’s a lot like mine, but WAY more refined, and he actually knows combos. shakes fist at SaBrE One day! :slight_smile:

This coming from the guy asking how to execute the FADC into U1 combo? Right, lol.

Anyway, Sabre is definitely showing some strong Cody play out there. Definitely makes me want to pick my game up for sure, heh. Let’s see how far it takes him!

Chris Hu?

man Sabres cody is godlike… Hes got some skills. Combo’s for days.

chris hu got knocked out of his pool by a canadian balrog player, JS Master

damnit… Chris needs to step it up. I’m always rooting for him but it always seems like I see him lose :frowning:

glad to finallly see Sabre’s cody in action. hoping he takes it far.

Yeah, my FADC Ultra 1 isnt spot on. What of it?

I wouldn’t do random sweeps like Chris Wu, and my HK Ruffian FADC wouldnt result in MK Ruffian. (It would start in crouching fierce, then to HK ruffian FADC -> crack kick -> EX CU.)

Also interesting to note he won on a psychic HK Ruffian; something I wouldnt even try doing knowing the blatant punishes that follow from that move.

Cody looks like turds at this tournament, for the majority.

any videos of him at evo anywhere yet? i missed the matches on the stream.

Same here…
I happened to watch another Cody player (sorry don’t remember the name right now), who was also very good but lost to a Rog (whom switched from a Guy after a loss).
Unfortunately I haven’t seen Sabre’s matches though and from what I hear are a must see for those who want to see a good Cody.
Anyone with a link to the vids is appreciated.

Yea…you need to fall back. Sabre’s Cody is nice. Really, really solid.

Where were you at??

Seeing as I’m currently a country away from Evo, I don’t see how I could make a rush effort to attend.

Sabres Cody was good, but Chris Hu’s was dissapointing. I don’t need to attend to offer my opinion on said performance, though.

Where were** you** at?

Ok so youre just another random popping off shit online then? If youre gonna call the codys that actually took the time to come out to evo this year “turds” while youre sitting at home you should probably stfu.

Alright well I attend local tournaments, sorry I couldn’t go above and beyond to go to this one specific tournament for you. That does not enable my own personal opinion on Cody performances.

Not saying much when you aren’t there either. HK Ruffian FADC MK Ruffian? Sorry, that combo is a joke. I’ve seen much better.

Youre fuckin retarded. The difference between us is that im not talking shit about the people who actually showed up TO REP CODY While your just sitting your bum ass at home. So yea I can call you out.

Dude ive been to evo before. And unlike you I actually have shit going on in life which is why i couldnt attend. And Chris would rape you for free for the record. Its easy to sit at home and critize but, i can assure its a different game when you have hundreds to thousands spectating.

I previously said that I also have things going on that enabled me to attend.

I don’t see how this alters my own opinion on Codys representation at the tournament. Relax with the insults.

I don’t see why he should be forced to defend his position just because he isn’t at the tournament. It’s his opinion if he feels Cody’s performance at Evo was lackluster. Did he have to be there to actually know this? What precisely would be different? I don’t even see him talk shit about any particular player. He said Hu’s performance was disappointing, which implies he typically has high praise for that player and it didn’t meet his standard, who is anyone to contest that? People need to seriously stop balling up on the internet for fucks sake.

Thank you.

I’ll change my original post to make this topic a discussion concerning Codys representation at Evo.

Oh plz. Its this simple really. If youre gonna talk shit…show up and show everybody whats good.

"Man does Cody look like shit on Evo. "
“Cody looks like turds at this tournament, for the majority.”

^But hey…yea he didnt insult anyone right?