Cody Avatar request


would anyone be kind enough to make me a cody avatar? the reveal art for him would be fine

thanks in advance


everytime I see a picture of him, his hand is always near his crotch, heh.

coming right up, but it won’t be fancy.


no prob man I dont really want anything fancy I dont even have premuim xD


Youd be surprised :rolleyes:



:d: Featured on the front page of SRK no less :bgrin:


so nikkowar is a girl? my bad.


Hey now, this is about Cody and his apparent near-masturbation pictures-WHOA WHAT?!

I mean a Cody avatar, uh…I’ll get to it when I get home, I don’t think the school computer has any of that photoshop stuff here.


nikko are you still up to this?


yeah, I gotta get home first, I was busy with French homework, sorry :slight_smile:


np at all


no worries nikko i found one i like