Cody Changes for Rebalanced Arcade Edition

im guessing you havent used fei long, vega, viper or ibuki much?

To further demonstrate why Cody’s cr.LP needs to be 30 damage instead of 20, I went ahead and did a basic hit confirm BnB damage comparison. To keep the comparison fair, I only used characters with 1000 health (same as Cody) and used no EX moves.

Cody - cr.jabx2,cr.MP>HP CU = 200 damage
Bison - cr.jabx2, cr.MK>HP psycho crusher = 210 damage
Fei Long - cr.MP,cr.jab>HP rekka kens = 211 damage
Ken - cr.jabx2, cr.MP>HP shoryuken = 206 damage
Ryu - same combo as ken = 213 damage
Guile - cr.jabx2,cr.MP>HK flashkick = 207 damage
Gouken - his jabs dont link into anything, however, s.MP,cr.jab>HK tatsu = 233 damage
Vega - I couldnt cancel his cr.jabx2,cr.MP into any of his non EX specials(I dont use vega)
Guy - cr.jabx2,cr.MP>MK tatsu = 201 damage
cr.jab,standing LP>MP>HP>HK = 204 damage
Deejay - cr.shortx2,cr.jab,cr.MP>HK sobat kick = 204 damage

As you can see, Cody’s BnB does the least damage out of the lot. However, raising the damage on his cr.jab to 30 would make cr.jabx2,cr.MP>HP CU = 220 damage (I know this because his standing jab is 30 damage and stand jabx2,cr.MP>HP CU does 220; stand jab does not connect on crouchers)

Also, I would like to point out that out of everyone listed above, only Gouken, Fei Long, Cody, Guy and Deejay have a 20 damage cr.LP, rest are 30.

I hope this manages to persuade at least a few of you. Cody deserves a damage buff on his cr.LP because he deserves to have above average damage given his shit defense!

[SIZE=13px]“Cody needs more frame-traps and counter-hit priority
And his sand attack should go full screen through blocks
and he should be able to pick up the plane on the south africa stage instead of his knife” - tasteslikemocha

This man has the right idea[/SIZE]

tbh, i like cody the way he is. i think full invincible ex ruffian would be too good. as would airborne but then I also don’t agree with the tierlist and think he is low mid tier at all.

Longer range slide kicks if you hold the button or something along with dodge punch being a backwards uppercut would nice. Something extra would be boosting the walking speed because everybody knows walking speed is the best.

changes look good, anyone interested in changing the arc of the rocks to alpha 3 style ???

it was discussed in this thread :-

if the list that’s submitted to unity is to be taken seriously i wouldn’t mention a damage buff of any sort, Cody already does ridiculous damage.

I want a vortex and a divekick.

Sorry, had to.

This wouldn’t be ridiculous considering the amount of responses like " this character has X move that can do this so Cody should aswell" found within this thread.

Might as well make zonk 3 frames with and a shoryuken motion since just to put it in line with what Ryu has…

I already won that competition cause I asked for a command throw earlier :smiley:


I’m totally for EX Ruffian Kick being projectile invincible in startup frames as well though.

you compare apples with oranges.

I remember this discussion. I dunno at this point if I would want it considering the way Cody is compared to Alpha 3. Considering the frame trap normals and commands he got, I think the higher arc rocks aren’t even needed now.

Although I don’t really like holding down buttons while playing, the purpose of Zonk works better with it’s current input. It’s the easiest on-reaction punish move in the game. Fireballs, Jaguar Kicks, whatever. All you have to do is let go of a button and you hit them for free.

F+HK could use some buffs. Making him airborne right at the move’s start-up would be nice. Being able to corpse hop with it would be great too. LP Criminal Upper and LK Ruffian Kick could stand to be safer. Making his c.HP a better anti-air would be nice too, because sometimes when I need to hit right above me, I get MP Criminal Upper trying to input b+MP from crouching. Would be nice if fake Bad Stone had a few frames shaved off it’s recovery too.

Jab rocks could go a little higher, but that’s about all he needs I think.

why not just use cl.HK if they’re right above you? A lot of people seem to forget about that normal.

It’s somewhat difficult to AA with in my experience. I’ll just stick with back strong

i’m fine with back strong myself. but there are times back strong won’t hit someone directly above me so I just resort to cl.roundhouse.

any of these would suffice.

  1. Better backdash

  2. Better movement speed

  3. Better health (I argue this because he has the same health as Guy; and in final fight, between Guy/Cody/Haggar, Cody was supposed to be inbetween haggar/guy.) 1050 is what i’d ask

  4. LK Ruffian FADC-able

  5. EX badspray, with decent invincibility frames

Better back dash por favor y eso es todo!

I’m curious to know if anyone actually thinks Cody needs a better walk speed If he receives better back dash ?

I personally think having a better backdash would help his spacing and even defense tremendously, and since he already has a good forward dash and normals that give him good mobility I can’t see a faster walk speed as really relevant.

A faster walk speed would make his throwing game more of a threat there are plenty of characters that can just walk back out of range, backdash wouldn’t solve that obviously but would help him in other ways. I’d say faster walk speed and a better backdash would be my favoured changes because his core gameplay is fine, if Capcom did something about the absurdly huge reversal window (not expecting this) that would also be really good for Cody.