Cody crouch max 2 bars combos or landing far.HK cl.HP after FADC



Just realized this one :

cr:lp: cr:lp: cl:hp: xx fireball FADC [step back 2fr] f:HK: cl:HP: tatsu sweep

Impressive easy 2 bars.
from point blank, after 2 jabs cl HP fireball FADC cody is in a very interesting situation where your cr.MP will most likely hit meaty at your will (if you delay it), your cl.HP will hit (if you step forward a bit), your cl.MK will hit, close HK will activate too that’s why I need to step back to do the previous combo. Long story short, cr.lp cr.lp cl.HP xx fireball give a ton of frame advantage but not enough to link a sweep like on Chun.


Also meaning that if you confirm 2 cr. lights point blank on a crouching cody you have free cl.HPxxU2