Cody - Dictator match up

ok, so im seriously having some trouble with this match up. i know there are ways to punish the scissor kicks and ex headstomp but is there any way to punish the ex phsycho crusher? i can try jump back and use h.k to try and punish it but everytime i get hit or we trade hits, is there any way to consistently punish it without receiving damage?

I thnk if you block it outright and if started out close enough you can ex.rk it from the back as it flys past you. Playing against dictator takes patience… Using Codys safe jump set ups you can bait these out and if spaced properly counter with ex.bingos which after a few times will make people afraid to throw these out.

with dictator, is your friend, it stuffs scissor kicks CLEEEEEEAAAAANNNNN

use fierce punch to keep a bingo charged in case your opponent is a 'tard and follows a head stop with the punch thing close to you.

punish a blocked ex psycho crusher with U2

Basically everything that Carbocation said is on point.

Yeah, I’ve been having trouble with this lately as well. Is it a poor match-up for Cody, generally? I’m feeling like it’s a 7-3 for myself at the moment.

never 7-3, but 6-4 is true. that is true for nearly any offensive orientaded character with “rush down” potencial and safe pressure.

btw: block till dic is out of reach for, really just block dont do anything else. beats his and EVERY non-combo scissor clean.

It does, but only if the Bison is throwing out naked SK’s. A lot of Bisons will get into a pattern with their scissor loops (c.LK xx SK > c.LK xx SK > naked SK, etc…), so use it then, but don’t throw it out randomly. A lot of the Cody’s I’ve played really want to stuff that SK … so just a little pause in my loop is enough to bait it out so I can get back to business.

No Bison who even remotely knows the Cody matchup is going to go for this.

U2 has to be delayed (non-reversal) to fully connect. MK and EX Ruffian can be reversal, and will tag it. Obviously spacing matters. They’re good for punishing Bison when he escapes the corner with EX PC and you’ve blocked it point-blank.

In general, if he’s trying to play footsies you can focus-dash his common normals. c.MP and carefully-spaced c.MK are good options vs s.RH spam. Bison’s AA is ass, so jumping on him isn’t out of the question. Headstomps can be pushed on reaction with pretty much any neutral jump attack. If the Bison is using U2, you can try to bait it out with some rock feints. And since Bison doesn’t have a mashable reversal, you can frame trap the fuck out of him once you’re in. Mix them up and you can do a lot of work with that.

that’s interesting. i always hate for crap priority but can’t believe it works on scissor kicks. also, does n.j. fierce work on devil reverse/headstomp on reaction?

nj. hp is BEASTLY against headstomp, and easy as piss on reaction. Just listen for the “hup” when he jumps. If he comes at you, you give him a nice slam straight down. If he reverses away from you, you have plenty of time to land, block, backdash, regroup, whatever.

Beats ex headstomp too, unless done too late. Even then, it often trades.

I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet but also beats out PC and EX PC clean iirc.

At what point of the special? Startup or active?

i wanna say active…

37ventt was askin me if i had an example of stuffing pc for the concept/matchup video thread & @ the time i didnt.
but i was browsing some saved replays recently & it turns out i do have one… stuffing pc ftw lol.
ill check shortly & upload it if i do :tup:

also: its mixupmondays on the stream, tune in people

edit: i still have the replay, the stuffed the startup of pc from pretty close range.
kind of a crappy fight on my end… so as opposed to uploading i went to training & indeed beats pc & expc clean, startup & active. its cake :pleased:
actually if you can react fast enough any c.punch beats it, as well as s.jab, far s.strong, b+strong, & stomach blow… &&&& if youre psychic enough, the first hit of the overhead stuffs it as well lol