Cody-esque Char. in GG:AC+

Title. I absolutely love the way Cody plays in SFIV, so I was going to try someone like him in GG. So far, Johnny is feeling pretty good. Any ideas?

What exactly do you like about Cody?
Guilty Gear characters even the games “shotos” don’t transfer over directly to SF.

Mainly the rushdown that revolves around frame traps and mixups. High damage/stun output and meh defense. Also, not sure how to word it, but something along the lines of it being easy to followup on random hits. (Transitioning?)


In AC, Slayer has absolutely hilarious abare. A stray hit can lead to 50%, Strong combos lead will into 70% and he has some flat out kill combos. His normals are excellent, his backdash is unbelievable. He has a command grab you can combo after, and his mixup is pretty good. Not to mention he is the most stylish character in the game (Imo. GG oozes style).

He revolves around links, though. But a Cody player should be okay with that.

Slayer got his damage toned down in +R. But he still packs insane damage, 50% combos are still common as day.

Alrighty, I’ll definitely check him out. I used to know the basics for Slayer from my small time with #Reload. He was really fun, but I was more or less just facerolling since I was so new to FGs back then.


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