Cody FADC Ultra 1 tips

I need some tips on how to master this. I dedicate alot of time into it, and I’m still capable of only getting it about 10% of the time.

My problems:

  1. once I complete the dash, I feel like I only have enough time for one QCF; which results in EX Rock throw.

  2. Sometimes I end up doing EX Criminal upper.

  3. I let go of the focus before the dash.

My main problem though, is that they fall so fast that I don’t have a very clean way of performing it with a timely manner without mashing it out randomly and hoping it works.

Any tips?

First, for any questions like these, use the Q&A thread.

  1. Buffer the dash using the QCF motions.

  2. Maybe you’re negative edging the EX CU?

  3. Keep trying it, until you get it to be one fluid motion in the timing.

I actually tried buffering the dash with the QCF’s because it sounded like it would work…

But it didnt. Not even in the slightest.

After I do the dash, I don’t have enough time to use the ultra 1 unless Im completely mashing the dash and being violent on my stick. This works 10% of the time.

After you HK Ruffian, press forward at the same time you press mp+mk, this allows you to only have to tap forward once to complete the dash cancel. Make sure you don’t do it all too fast, take it slow, especially the dash cancel. This leaves a lot more time to buffer the Ultra. Another good tip is to make sure that you are really concentrating on your final stick movement ending on forward. It’s easy to get lazy with the input leniency and develop a bad habit of finishing motions in the down forward position. Hope this helped, and you should definitely ask this in the Q&A thread next time.

when you focus Buffer qcf 3 times during the focus then press all three punches and the ultra should come out. You can do it with 2 qcf buffer but with 3 it is more likely you wont buffer too early.

I’m not even going to try that method.

I need to dash out of the focus rather quickly to even land it properly. And If i’m busy trying to dash out, how will I have time to QCF 3 times in a row whe

you know its easier just to say no, that wont work for me.

I’d say 8ighty6ix pretty much nailed it. If you’re having trouble with U1 after FADC by itself, then just try doing HK RK -> FADC -> Ultra. You’ll have more time to input the ultra command that way.

I guess it’s safe to say you won’t be trying to EX Zonk -> FADC -> Ultra any time soon then, huh? Haha. Just keep at it in training mode until you get familiar with the motion, cause that seems to be the problem :slight_smile:

…dude the whole point of the buffer is so that you do less :S instead of going HK ruffian (hold f), FADC, f, qcf x2, ppp…OR HK ruffian kick, FADC, f,f, qcf x2, ppp…you Just do HK ruffian kick, FADC, QCF x 2 (or 3) then ppp. You buffer your dash into the ultra motion making it way easier to perform. Also The reason I say do it 3 times is really because the timing then buffering it 2 times can be tricky when you do the HK RK right in your opponents face. You tend to buffer too early on and miss the ultra. If you are having a problem with the qcf method which is still the easiest way to fo FADC ultras then its most likely you are throwing the motion too slowly

Also IMO, learning the FADC from EX bingo is much more useful than the one from HK RK. While HK RK certainly does work, it still whiffs crouchers and doesn’t have GDLK priority, so it really has very little utility outside of a combo (which isn’t to say that’s bad by any means, just very limited. EX bingo on the other hand is Cody’s best reversal option, as well as a great anti-fireball and overall counter move thanks to it’s crazy amount of invuln it carries with it. While it does eat up 3 precious bars, it’s still a much more useful way to land U1 IMO.

Then again I like to rep U2 more often than not, because making people pay for a simple sweep is priceless.

ex bingo fadc u1 is great yeah, but consider this: if ex bingo hit, just u1 would aswell - meterless ^^

I don’t know about you, but I can’t u1 in 1 frame while walking forward…
…but i can release pp and ex bingo.

wasnt saying you should do u1 right away all the time. just for comparsion. i use ex zonk u1 often aswell. but i mean on wakeup.

are you using a stick or pad?

on the pad i find it very hard to do, your thumb can only move so fast
but i use a stick and its a simple (d, df, d, f, ppp) once you get your muscle memory to pull off the ultra instantly, fadc becomes a piece of pie.

Not sure if you got to check out the post Novastorm put down.
But Cody actually crosses under his opponent during the FADC under certain cases. I believe it is almost all cases if you did Just the Ruffian HK. If you combo’d into it, you have a better chance of it not happening. This is typically why alot of people get an EX CU after the FADC. I believe it was Yeb , forgive me if im wrong, that pointed out you can still land it by doing FADC QCQ -> QCF motion.

Its really inconvenient that this happens. Its also why ex zonk FADC is preferred… and in my personal opinion easier to land. Its something we gotta live with. viva Cody